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Saturday Hellfire Citadel, January 2nd, 6:30 PM MST

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Let's get those 4-sets a rollin'! Second floor content is go!

Sunday Hellfire Citadel, January 3rd, 6:30 PM MST

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Will Mannoroth fall before our blades?

[Ki'in] Silence

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~….And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made…~

Saving Sergeant Harrigan: Between a Drake and Hard Place

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Alynore didn’t spare much of a glance at the other Dragoons and friends entering Harrigan’s mind through the bridge Vasily created. She didn’t stop this time to look at the ruin of Honor Hold, or the graves stretching to the horizon. She did, however, pause briefly to look over the grizzled, beaten-up old soldier endlessly digging those graves. Before he could “recognize” her again this time, she turned to the portals ringing the immediate area.

They seemed unremarkable by themselves, nothing distinguishing one from another, though Vasily said they would connect to key memories in Harrigan’s life, memories they had to play through and find a “key” to bring back to the broken digger to make him recall who he was and wake back up. Nore let herself be drawn to one of the portals, knowing which memory she wanted to find; it may have been selfish, but it did count. Alynore stepped through the portal, letting the hellish landscape of Hellfire Peninsula dissolve and reform…

Finding Peace for Winter's Veil

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Breaking Iron

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Hellfire Citadel loomed overhead even with the twenty foot high advantage Nirahsa had on the shoulder of Risha as the machine stomped heavily. Despite all the recent attacks the Meddlers and Dragoons had done against the fortress it still looked intimidating. The sight of it sent a shiver down her back as the shaman drew in a quick breath.

Right now her friends were inside that very citadel trying to stop the Fel Horde permanently, each foray more progress was made but the Fel Orcs still managed to cling on somehow. Even the multiple defeats failed to break their fel fueled delusions of victory against the Alliance and Horde.


Luxirti sat in Lotus, the soft fragrance of the burning incense in small smudge bowls spaced evenly around her adding to the peace she sought.

Sunday Hellfire Citadel, December 20th, 6:30 PM MST

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Continue on, but beware, I'll be watching the new star wars, and leaving you to face the darkness alone!

Having To Let Go

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Saturday Hellfire, 6:30 PM MST, December 12th

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Wow I forgot this one good and hard. Yes we're raiding!

Sunday Hellfire Citadel, 6:30 PM MST, December 13th

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The More You Know...

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Returning Favors

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((Related to recent RP, logs can be found here (warning for some language, and some drugging and short torment). Mik comes from a writing prompt about “Rhiswyn’s greatest triumph.”))

She had been careless and stupid. Gone soft, they would say.

Only one set of wards had pinged, but she still should not have let her guard down when she finally returned home. She could have checked more thoroughly, should have noticed Terrence hiding in the shadows and torn his mind to shreds before he could pull the trigger.

Should have, could have, what if.

War in the North

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Saturday Hellfire Citadel, December 5th, 6:30 PM MST

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Alright folks, we're doing a night one run, and here's why.

Tier is important. It's legit OP yo. 2 sets are super valuable.