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The Right Course.

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-Your form is off still! Again! -Jormund barked. 

Down Time

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I hadn't been this afraid in a very, very long time.  Afraid that I was going to not only lose my new home, but Mara as well.

Celestial Test (OOC)

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Hey folks, Just about have Dempsy's cloak quest done and was thinking about writing up a short little blog about the Celestial Fights on the Timeless Isle, so I was wondering who all character-wise

Insomnia Provoked Productivity

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The light of the sun began to creep through the windows of Nirahsa’s workshop. Not that the shaman actually noticed as she was still hard at work. Since her talk with Janyice last night and those disturbing events Nira had been working on an entire replacement arm for the warrior. The schematic’s she’d borrowed from Finkswitch had been a useful starting base to build off of and she’d quickly finished a set of schematics for her own design.

To Sir Dolraan the Tenacious

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((The following letter arrives in Dolraan's mail later this week. The script is very elegant but somewhat rushed.))

Sir Dolraan the Tenacious:

I hope this letter finds you well and safe from the harm of battle. I have been informed by my former Matron, Priestess Anatevka, that you wish to engage yourself in a thorough study of Draenic language and culture. As a scholar among my people and a student of the world, I am overjoyed to offer you my services. I have spent most of my life studying the history, language and texts of my own kind as well as those of the other fascinating races we have encountered. You will find that I am not only fluent in Common, but also Orcish, Darnassian, Gnomish, Dwarvish and a myriad of other languages. It is my pleasure to introduce another to the joys of language learning!

[Anatevka] Truce

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The bottle of wine, drained of its sparkling contents, lay toppled on the bedside table alongside two similarly empty glasses. Morning light was just beginning to peek in through the curtains and I could hear the murmurings of activity down on the street below as another day began in Stormwind.

Nirahsa and the Mok'nathal

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Nirahsa flew through the air, body spinning in a corkscrew until she slammed into the metal earth. A loud gasp escaped her lips as the impact knocked the breath from her lungs, mail armor scrapping the ground, despite wearing it she still left several blue streaks. She let out a groan even as she started pushing herself upwards, eyes burning brightly before a higher pitched voice screamed rather loudly.

“Yeeow!! Looked like that hit left a mark folks! Don’t get too settled however, as it looks like that spunky crazed little draenei Nirahsa, is getting back up!” Bizmo shouted out over the loudspeaker even as his noisy gyrocopter fluttered back and forth above the arena.

Long Story Short

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"I could have sworn there was something there last time I was around here." 


Learning to Fly

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Llane Venner gave the mechanical monstrosity a w

Tumblr's gone Wild (A Jun-Lei story)

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(( This started out as a reply to a question Lai had posted of Jun-Lei, but it kinda grew legs and became a story of its own.)) 



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I hate this. I hate being in the middle. Yet here I am.

Enhancement, The Surge of Power

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She smiled lightly to herself looking upon her handiwork. The dummy was rather complex despite being made out of wood and bolts. Complete with multi-pivot points and well-oiled gears to facilitate smooth fast movement. The dummy even had armor that Nirahsa had attached to it, granted it wasn’t the highest quality by far but it would definitely help. A wooden sword and metal shield completed the dummy’s ensemble.

Measured Response

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As much as he wanted to scowl at the report on his desk, Czene did not permit himself to. To allow a simple paper, even one with news such as this, to cause him visible lack of composure would be remarkably petty. He certainly had more self-control than that.


Pals for Life [Ivi]

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It was just another day, another siege. The hot, Durotar sun shined down on me, dust kicked up as I charge toward a squad of orcs, it was the life.

First Day

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Nirahsa pursed her lips as she stood in front of the entrance to Truthhammer Industries. She’d been so excited leaving her house gathering her satchel of engineering items, from her gyrospanner to various schematics of devices she’d built or had ideas for. Since she’d forgotten to ask Drogar if she needed to bring her own tools, she knew she’d be embarrassed if she hadn’t needed to, but also knew she’d be more embarrassed if she came completely ill prepared to start her first day.