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Lai-Ning wasn’t a huge fan soaking in baths.

Argents and Apples

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Alynore rode into Fort Fordring, Tenacity’s wings of Light flaring as they came through the gate. Kunz had the whole company turned out and in formation to wait for her. Everyone stood at attention, gear and Argent Crusade tabards clean, but the expressions on many faces were apprehensive, if not hostile.

She would have much rather avoided any pomp and ceremony, but this did present opportunities. She pushed her goggles just up to her hairline, as if to hold back her fiery hair—but she flicked the “record” switch, the lenses tilting and whirring and the audio crackling faintly as it kicked on.

Thanatos' Gambit: The Dream

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He dreamed...

[Rhianon] Drifting

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For awhile, she felt like she was drifting. The sleeping draught the garrison alchemist mixed up muddled her mind at first and finally sent her flying into a misty expanse of stars and sky. A dream, maybe.

Or maybe a nightmare.

In My Head

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Nira groaned as she pushed herself up off the ground, impulsively rubbing her forehead with one hand as if to stave off an absent pain. Red dust swirled around her as the wind howled. She blinked glancing around to see an infinite horizon of red dust covering a landscape dotted by the green of orc corpses strewn about.

This is it

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She felt the pounding in her head before she opened her eyes, wincing and groaning as the bright light filled her vision. She looked away, her heart sinking as she took in her surroundings.

Trap Within a Trap

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She was in no mind to do this, but she had to investigate this lead. Her eyes still stung with tears, another silly weakness from hearing what she already knew.

Thanatos' Gambit: The attack

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A sweet smelling breeze flowed past Dolraan's head as he watched Finkswitch and Kimzee assemble the device they were testing in the grassy fields outside Fort Fordring.

War Never Changes

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Metal boots thudded against the ground as the footman marched, rifleman’s gazes scanning the hills of nagrand looking for the signs of orc soldiers.  The patrol had been  looking for raiders that’d been harassing the outposts in the region but so far hadn’t come across anything unusual.

A loud thud came from behind the column of troops as the large machine, Risha kept pace while bringing up the rear. Nirahsa kept close to Risha while watching her intently still not happy with the machine. She’d even tinkered with her programming to try and curb Risha’s brutality as Nira saw it, make her more defensive oriented.

Darlain's Love advice column

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Greetings, Ironforge Gazette!


Thanatos' Gambit: Prologue

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The fires of the underground camp burned a sickly green, casting an otherwordly glow upon the shadow council coven.

The Mirror Considers

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Blood red clouds swirled around like an inky mist, kicking up even more red dust from the ground. Which trembled from the green orcs stampeding in a blood lust, the curdled screams of draenei being slaughtered resonating from all directions.

But it was just a memory.

Asharin frowned sitting on a rock as the turmoil boiled around her, these long dead memories only served to anger her, she felt no fear from these monsters.

A Dar birthday present

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A Letter

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Attention Silver Dragoon Leadership,

A few days past I happened to stumble upon Jormund Rhane in far eastern Nagrand while handling some work duties. He was fairly injured and had been poorly treated by his ‘captors’. It was only decent to liberate him and provide him safe escort to the Ring of Trials where we both wait for your arrival to reclaim him.

The Exchange

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The camp was on alert, the warriors standing at attention with weapons drawn. They watched as Alynore rode up on Tenacity, the charger’s wings of Light flaring and keeping them away. The other Dragoons waited a few yards behind. More Dragoons and Meddlers waited in the hills for the Commander’s signal. Nore dismounted, Tenacity pawing the ground. She glanced up as the shadow of a large bird passed overhead.

She stood in her heavy armor, wearing her weapons, straightening her tabard, and waiting on Og’roc to step forward. He had agreed to the ritual of exchange, trading Jormund for a much higher priority prisoner—the Commander of the Silver Dragoons. There was ceremony here for the orcs, almost sacred in how it was meant to play out.