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){Haddrian}( Foreshadowing a Nightmare

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((Haddrian’s theme song for this story is Mystery of you – by Red. For best results listen to this piece during the third part of this story. This story contains three parts separated by *))


Sockgar/DrogarBot 2012

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Below the break is the log for the greatest Meddler meeting in the history of forever.


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Gunship Battle, For reals

[Anatevka] These Yet Remain ~ Memories of Argus

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((All of these were originally posted on RP-Haven but I just posted a new installment and wanted to make sure that the folks who don't read rp-haven have a chance to peruse my ramblings! Newest installment is at the bottom. In the future, these will come as individual posts, but I don't want to fill up the home page today. And YES, Henii Ana blog inc!! ))

That day had been filled with celebrations.

Music rang throughout every street of Mac'Aree, our shining city, vibrating off the gleaming spires of the Collegium. My father, usually absorbed in his books and scrolls, dragged my mother and me out into the Collegium's courtyard, his hands gripping ours with a force to rival even the greatest warrior.

"A great age for our people is coming, Vasileva," he explained to my mother, drawing her close. "Greater than any before. Argus will become a beacon for the entire universe."

Tendrils of Corruption

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Icecrown Citadel remained a bastion of the great evil that the Undead Scourge represented. Without the combined forces of the Argent Crusade, the Knights of the Ebon Blade, and the consideral power of both the Horde, and the Alliance.. nothing would stop the constant outpouring of darkness and undead malevolence from the Lich King's bastion of evil. This is where Dacianna found herself fighting day after day, channeling the power of the Holy Light to bolster her allies and keep hope shining in one of this world's darkest hours. But today was different...

Andriona: The End and the Beginning

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"I was heading down to Spring Street with a suitcase in my hand / Filled with love and life and grand illusion, I knew you'd understand / I left you by the stairwell and your eyes were wet with tears / Mother, you knew you had to let me go even after all these years."

Rune's room was the only room in the villa that had some semblance of organization; the other rooms were still in bits and pieces, boxes scattered across the dusty floor boards and piles of laundry gathering dust in corners. She had taken care with his room, though: books and stuffed toys paraded neatly across the freshly white-washed shelves, blankets were folded and put away in the linen chest and the night-time breeze, fresh and cool in this part of the mountains, wafted in through the open window, rustling delicately embroidered curtains.

Sholazar Sunset (?)

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Arting below the break. Do not click if you have issues with scantily dressed draenei. (maybe not NSFW? not imo, but some people might feel more strict.)

Meddler Essay Draft 1

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((Fix and submit when ready.))


Site Updates May 31 2010

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Just want to give everyone a heads up with what's going on with our lovely new site.