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[Dragoon Event] Lyn Steals a Human or: How She Adopted a Puppydin

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Nagrand sweetgrass had a very pungent, although overall pleasant, smell when crushed underfoot. It was much, much less pleasant mixed with the smoke of a campfire and the ripe smell of unwashed Orc.

A band of Warsong had set up camp just over the ridge, the swath of earth that had been made by the Worgs was enough of a tell. She’d been following them for a few hours from downwind, waiting for them to stop when fortune smiled on her; The raiding party split up, the majority heading down the road while a few turned off into a small copse of trees to make camp for the night. Riding at the front had been Og’roc, chief bounty on the board back at the Wor’gol tavern.

Garrison Notice

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On the notice board at the Silver Dragoon main garrison...

((Image under the cut!))

The Message

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Jormund sat still on his cage waiting for the day to pass. Mok’gol was still in activity, he could hear Og’roc barking orders at his raiders as they walked by the hut. 


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He could feel a strange warmth around him, familiar, barely recognizable, his hands grasped what it felt like tall grass, it felt smooth to the touch.

[Kaewynn] First Kiss

“S-s-sorry!” Janosis had his “I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened” expression. A now-empty water skin was crushed in one hand and he held the broken stopper in his other.

Old Soldiers: It Doesn't Get Better the Second Time, Either

Harrigan found himself, for the first time in his adult life, unable to just grab his gear and be ready to ship out in five minutes.

Shadows in the Valley, Part 4 (Finale)

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((This took forever. Previous entries in my blog here and on tumblr!))

Rhiswyn dropped the orc disguise as the rolling hills dipped and curved, hiding her from the village’s sights. Yshul should have been waiting in a small copse of trees that reminded her of evergreens, when the path began to wend its way upwards again.

Felhounds were waiting instead. Three of the magic-eating monsters rushed the priest, the surprise paralyzing her for a moment.

Talking With Myself

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Nirahsa sighed to herself as she walked along, still looking rather gloomy. Head hung low as the draenei wandered about the garrison. Her hooves idly kicking at rocks as she went along, thoughts still dwelling on Risha even after her and daci had talked.

“Why doesn’t Daci understand that I shouldn’t of built Risha.” Her voice a low mutter.

Another set of hooves was suddenly walking beside her, yellow glowing eyes looking Nira over with a frown.

A Mother's Legacy: Final

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Shenrel walked away from the dead orc.

A Mother's Legacy: Part 5

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The prey could not outrun him forever

Glum Contemplation

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NIrahsa stared down at her mug as she sat in the small inn. Her tail swung back and forth slowly even as the bustle of soldiers and workers taking some R&R happened around her. For the first time she could recall she was questioning something she’d built, a frown upon her lips as her mind worked. That mug of mead before her was completely untouched.

Risha Weapons Test

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((Meant to post this like a month ago))

Nirahsa, Delnar and Keval crested the small hill which overlooked the small test area they had put together for Risha. The large walker stopped behind them with clank, photoreceptors scanning the area which consisted of mock ups of horde soldiers and vehicles. From grunts to Ironstar throwers, they weren’t operable since the idea was simply to create a facsimile.

“Scanning, ill maintained Iron Horde arms and munitions,” The walker boomed.

[Jonars] Extinguish the Flame

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What happened to the hunter after the pray was caught? What happened to the fire when there was no more fuel? What happened to a cause when finished?

A Mother's Legacy: Part 4

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This time the element of surprise was Shenrel’s.