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Breaking Iron

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Hellfire Citadel loomed overhead even with the twenty foot high advantage Nirahsa had on the shoulder of Risha as the machine stomped heavily. Despite all the recent attacks the Meddlers and Dragoons had done against the fortress it still looked intimidating. The sight of it sent a shiver down her back as the shaman drew in a quick breath.

Right now her friends were inside that very citadel trying to stop the Fel Horde permanently, each foray more progress was made but the Fel Orcs still managed to cling on somehow. Even the multiple defeats failed to break their fel fueled delusions of victory against the Alliance and Horde.

The Tanaan Coastline

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The Alliance ships steamed through the waves as they crashed against the hull. Nirahsa stood near where the prow would normally be but this transport ship lacked. Instead of a prow the vessel had a large wooden ramp reinforced with steel. The ship was a smaller transport ship intended to transport steam tanks and drop them off in hot spots along the shore.

Fel cannon fire thundered in the distance as they approached their destination, the Tanaan coastline. Even as the cannonballs whistled by several seconds later to splashing into the water and sending up acrid smoke as the fel fire continued to try and burn.

Vindicator Surprise!

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Nirahsa’s tail swished back and forth energetically as the tinkerer leaned over her workshop bench.  A smile upon her face while using a torch to melt small ropes of silver in place. Hands steadily moving to keep from using to much upon the metal pot. Putting the last touches in, Nira flicked the torch off and set it aside before stepping back to admire her work.

[Unknown] Zin-Azshari

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((One off bit I felt like writing due to recent mullings. Not a Nirahsa piece.As the title suggests, takes place back during the First Legion Invasion of the Night Elves.))

“Azshara will save us, Azshara will protect us.” The young kaldorie woman whispered fervently as the fire rained down across Zin-Azshari. She sat huddled in the corner of her room listening to the growls and roars that reverberated through the wall followed by the sound of clanging steel. She could hear other elves charging against the monstrosities that had erupted from the Queen’s palace.

[Unknown] Frozen Wastes Part 2

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((Not a Nira, still that random frozen elf that woke up at the foot of Icecrown.))

The snow continued to fall in a constant flurry as she walked, the footsteps that she left behind with loud crunches were filled in again not to long after her passing. Her right hand continued to grip her massive two handed blade dragging it behind her with no visible effort.

[Unknown] Frozen Wastes

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((Not Nirahsa, character idea toying around in my head and felt like I wanted to at least write this bit. Might do something with the character, don’t know.))

Her eyes snapped open, a bright blue glow immediately filling them as an overcast sky came into view. Small dots of ice falling against her already icy skin as the snow drifted down. Blinking the pale blue night elf slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position. The crack of ice breaking could be heard as it chipped off her frozen armor.

A Good Heart

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Nirahsa’s hooves clopped lightly against the floor of the exodar as the shaman made her way down to the lower levels. Her fingers entwining with one another as she fidgets rather nervously. The path down was rather deserted, as Nira had chosen the later hours in order to reduce the chances of others being in the chamber.

The Past Can Hurt

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She remembered.

The realization was as sudden as the the anger that coursed through her, the disgust that backed up in her throat, the sorrow that welled in her heart. Even the happiness that brought a swish to her tail, as memories of her past came back, one by one.


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Stalking me everywhere.

Flitting in and out of my gaze. Making my bones shiver. Howling as their blades whistle a blood chorus. Slicing apart dreams, only to release nightmares.

The Break

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“Does this look like a monster to you, NIrahsa?”

Nira blinked standing in the golden Talador forests with the untouched village of Aruuna nestled nearby. Draenei went about their daily lives, smiling to each other even as a young draenei girl ran around a small clearing. Hand held up high holding a small mechanical looking flying machine.  It was Shari, running playing, having fun.

In My Head

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Nira groaned as she pushed herself up off the ground, impulsively rubbing her forehead with one hand as if to stave off an absent pain. Red dust swirled around her as the wind howled. She blinked glancing around to see an infinite horizon of red dust covering a landscape dotted by the green of orc corpses strewn about.

War Never Changes

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Metal boots thudded against the ground as the footman marched, rifleman’s gazes scanning the hills of nagrand looking for the signs of orc soldiers.  The patrol had been  looking for raiders that’d been harassing the outposts in the region but so far hadn’t come across anything unusual.

A loud thud came from behind the column of troops as the large machine, Risha kept pace while bringing up the rear. Nirahsa kept close to Risha while watching her intently still not happy with the machine. She’d even tinkered with her programming to try and curb Risha’s brutality as Nira saw it, make her more defensive oriented.

The Mirror Considers

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Blood red clouds swirled around like an inky mist, kicking up even more red dust from the ground. Which trembled from the green orcs stampeding in a blood lust, the curdled screams of draenei being slaughtered resonating from all directions.

But it was just a memory.

Asharin frowned sitting on a rock as the turmoil boiled around her, these long dead memories only served to anger her, she felt no fear from these monsters.

Talking With Myself

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Nirahsa sighed to herself as she walked along, still looking rather gloomy. Head hung low as the draenei wandered about the garrison. Her hooves idly kicking at rocks as she went along, thoughts still dwelling on Risha even after her and daci had talked.

“Why doesn’t Daci understand that I shouldn’t of built Risha.” Her voice a low mutter.

Another set of hooves was suddenly walking beside her, yellow glowing eyes looking Nira over with a frown.

Glum Contemplation

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NIrahsa stared down at her mug as she sat in the small inn. Her tail swung back and forth slowly even as the bustle of soldiers and workers taking some R&R happened around her. For the first time she could recall she was questioning something she’d built, a frown upon her lips as her mind worked. That mug of mead before her was completely untouched.