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Risha Weapons Test

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((Meant to post this like a month ago))

Nirahsa, Delnar and Keval crested the small hill which overlooked the small test area they had put together for Risha. The large walker stopped behind them with clank, photoreceptors scanning the area which consisted of mock ups of horde soldiers and vehicles. From grunts to Ironstar throwers, they weren’t operable since the idea was simply to create a facsimile.

“Scanning, ill maintained Iron Horde arms and munitions,” The walker boomed.


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“Well it’s done, I think, yes yes?” Nira stated head quirking to the side as she looked over the machine that stood in front of her. Standing nearly twenty feet in height the machines appearance gave it the look of a Draenei Vigilant crossed with gnomish technology with several appearance traits of Telredor Prime thrown in.

Delnar puffed a cigar beside his own eyes gazing over the machine, “Aye lass, though its effectiveness is still unknown.”

Programming for war

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Nirahsa frowned to herself as she made several more adjustments to the core. The draenei hunched over ontop of the massive machine she and her team had been constructing for the last couple of months. Mechanically it was finished but programming wise it still had issues.

The workshop in the garrison was rather quiet as most of the work was done for the day other than a few people here and there since even at night things didn’t stop they just slowed down.

Workshop Delivery

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Nira was making several adjustments to the large walker frame that resided in the workshop, Some modifications had to be made to the building due to its height which while slowing down the project had been necessary. The Shaman hung from one hip while her spanner clanked.

Several workers hauled in a box to the workshop looking at a sheet before shouting, “Order for, Madam Nirahsa!?”

Me, Myself and Nirahsa

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Nirahsa leaned over as she worked on the circuitry inside a rather large armored joint. Gyrospanner clanking while she worked a dull thud being heard at times when her small horns thudded in the confined space.

“That’s an interesting part, yes yes, is it a leg or arm or maybe a big claw, yes yes?” A rather inquisitive voice came from behind Nira, causing her to jolt in surprise and panic. Slamming her head against a steel rod and biting her lip to muffle her outcry. She remained still for several moments but didn’t pull her head out of the inside of the mechanism.

Weapons Test

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Nira groaned as she pulled the wrench back, tightening the nut securing the device to the framework. Armored plates obscured most of the internals that made up the jointed device. She set the large wrench aside while drawing in a breath a light sheen of sweat covering her body. A goggled gnome dragged several cables over hooking them into place even as the Dwarf Delnar made a few adjustments to a thick plate of true iron that was secured onto a separate scaffold.

Something Big

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Nirahsa’s tail gave a happy swish as she rolled the newly finished schematic up. She shoved the roll of paper into her satchel before springing to her hooves and heading out of her room. One part of her mind knew that this could wait until morning, but the other part was eager to get things underway.  Especially since she now had a team to help build things!

Leaving Home For Home

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Nirahsa looked around her workshop, it was still mostly bare from when her other side had taken over and made off with whatever had been useful. Since then Nira had started to replace what had been lost due to that incident, now she was stripping things again. She set her pack on a table as she packed various supplies. While Telredor Prime, Stitchy, and Jex watched her with curious gazes from their photoreceptors.

[Areelan] Holding the Line

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((Mostly just felt like writing a short little blog of Areelan laying down the Death Knight hurt on Iron Horde. Since she'd definitely see defending the land and potentially going on a suicide mission imperative for her.))

The runed bloodstained axe split the ground as it was dragged through it. The pale elf holding it didn’t seem slowed by the extra effort it took to move the axe in this manner as she stepped forward. Her head tilted one glowing blue eye looking at the brown orcs charging her position. The lanky geist flanking her had a jittery stance.

Strive to be Better

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“Go away!” Nirahsa screamed as a massive stream of bolts arced down from the inky black abyss above, completely enveloping Asharin with a thunderous boom. As the flash cleared, Asharin while looking scorched still stood.

“I WON’T BE IGNORED!” Asharin shouted back at the shaman while stomping her hoof into the ground, rocky spikes shot out of the black below to impale Nira, causing her to cry out briefly. As they crumbled away however she stumbled and remained standing despite looking bloody from the blow.


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Nirahsa shifted and squirmed as she laid on the bed in the Exodar. Back in the quarters she’d been given originally. Her blue form was covered in a sheen of sweat her breath quick even in her sleep the tinkerer suffering a fever as stim withdrawal set in. Eyes closed as she slept fitifully hands grabbing and gripping at the sheets, movements restricted by the shackles on her wrists and ankles.


Inside Nirahsa’s head the inky black abyss swirled, broken up by tendrils of color that wisped through it. A moment passed and several large objects started floating in the abyss, Nira’s workshop, Daci’s house, the exodar in the distance. Gears and cogs turned and floated around in seemingly random patterns as if moved by the non-existent wind.


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The Alliance troops patrolled through the area looking to keep the Iron horde from establishing a foothold in this section of the Blasted lands. The group consisted of a line of footmen followed by dwarvish riflemen and even several night elf priestess’s. Everyone was alert and on the lookout for any surprise ambushes looking to not be caught unaware.

Nowhere is Safe

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She stumbled into the cave leaving a small trail of blue blood behind her as the tinkerer gripped her right arm. She glanced back before clenching a fist while forcing the elements to respond, the earth shuddering as the entrance was swallowed up in rocks with only a few places for the light to peek through. Moving over to a rock the shaman slumped down on it before again trying to heal the wounds she’d suffered, but finding that no matter how she shouted she just couldn’t control the slippery water element finely enough to do anything at all about her injuries.

Inner/Outer World

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Nirahsa frowned a moment as she looked off at the horizon, a small wisp of smoke rising where Lakeshire would be.  Her tendrils shifted erratically belying the draenei’s nervousness. News had come of an Orc raiding party in the Redridge Mountains and Dacianna had gone to investigate. She didn’t know why she worried, a small band of Orcs wasn’t going to stop Daci.

Horde is Horde

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The Swamp of Sorrows was eerily quiet, which was putting the Horde convoy on edge as their wagon moved along the road having left Bog Paddle earlier in the day heading towards Stonard with supplies destined for Vol’jin’s forces that were helping to hold back the Iron Horde.  Not only was the wagon weighted down with equipment but so was the Kodo that pulled it.  Convoy guards flanked both sides of the wagon their gaze scanning the road and the swamp.