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Asharin. That is what I was to be called now because they insisted on differentiating me from Nirahsa. I didn’t like suggesting the name to begin with, but I had little choice given the terms that Vindicator Dacianna had thrown out.

Me, Myself and Vasily

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((With Drogar Co-writing.))

“How many more times must we have these little talks?” Other Nira asked while crossing her arms and looking over at Vasily who sat calmly with that ever present friendly smile as his own eyes regarded her.

“As many that are necessary of course,” Vasily was rather cheery in his response, “You do seem to be making some progress, at least on the surface.”

“You already know I’m not going to turn around and declare my love for the Orcs Vasily,” She kept her arms crossed while putting on an aura of calm indifference to the priest. However her posture was rather tense giving clear indication that she was not nearly as collected as she tried to put forth.

Good Dreams

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NIrahsa smiled to herself as she peered over the schematic she’d been looking over. Goggles atop her forehead so she could better watch Shari and Dacianna just a short distance away. She’d been so happy when Daci had let her and Shari stay with her. The vindicator despite her stoic duty driven exterior had opened her heart and home to the two in their time of need. Her home however was far too small for them to stay for long but it kept a roof over their heads for a short time.

A Conversation With Myself

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“Vasily is a friend, he is always nice, yes yes.” Nira remarked with a frown as she sat on her bed. The Shaman in the room she’d been given while staying at the Exodar.

‘He’s annoyingly nice.’

Chat Between Friends

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Vasily smiled warmly across the table with his hands clasped, a hot drink sat in front of him as well as in front of Nirahsa. Though she wasn’t touching it at all, instead the shaman seemed to actually be, glaring at the priest. This was the Other Nira, having been coaxed out by Vasily through several methods, a fact that she didn’t seem to pleased about. The tinkerer’s trademark goggles were resting on her forehead.

To the Exodar

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‘I don’t want to go back to the Exodar,’ Nirahsa thought to herself somewhat bitterly even as she packed some of her things for the trip. Dacianna had invited Vasily over for tea and she’d known then that she was going to have to tell him what she’d told Daci. Now she was supposed to go to the Exodar for treatment, to become…whole again as Vasily had put it. The very thought mortified her, potentially regaining all her memories, memories of what she’d done. She didn’t want it, she didn’t want it at all.


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I don’t know how long I’d been standing in the inky black abyss before she appeared. Time didn’t seem to have a presence and nothing changed. That is until the other me arrived, her yellow eyes staring at me as a shadow seemed to follow her even within this dark abyss it felt darker with her presence. 

Call of the Elements, Part Three

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The water cascaded down the falls, roaring as it reached the bottom kicking up a fine mist. Some distance away the pandaren buildings that made up the Greenstone Mason’s quarter resided. The buildings mostly obscured by the trees of the forest, just as the churning of the falls deafened the hammers and chisels of the work in the quarter.

While You're Away

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((Short Blurb, takes place after Call of the Elements which still has another part or two that I need to write. Blurb on the going ons before NIra spoke to Harrigan tonight.))

Nirahsa set her wrench down on the bench, letting out a long yawn before rubbing her eyes. She hadn’t gotten much sleep the other night, having spent a good part of it returning to Stormwind from Pandaria. Her work with Torgeth was for the time being over, something she was rather thankful for. She heard the distant bells from the Cathedral signaling eight bells.


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((Was a Word prompt for tumblr originally but wrote a bit more for it than I had originally planned.))

"There’s my little Artificer!" Came the voice of a lean female draenei with long curling horns. She smiled warmly down upon the little blue child before her. 

The young draenei girl’s face broke out into a smile of her own as she gazed upwards while brushing a lock of dark hair from her eyes and over a small nub of a horn. Arms already outstretched with the girl’s cry, “Mommy!”

Call of the Elements, Part Two

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Nirahsa was seated on the broken ground, patches of grass sticking out of the dirt, trees from the forest nearby some broken and shattered while others still clung to life. A small stream rushed by as the wind followed through the leaves and the Jade Forest glimmered serenely in the areas that hadn’t been devastated when the Jade Statue had been ripped about by the Sha of Doubt.

Call of the Elements, Part One

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Nirahsa was not happy, no she was not happy at all at the moment. The draenic shaman paced back and forth along the wooden pandaren dock.  She was wearing her normal armor, adorned with many mechanical gadget that aided her in different ways. A soft crackle could be heard behind her, coming from a device strapped to her back but in front of her shield which was secured there as well.

Nirahsa Shock Part Two

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I stared back at the other me for a moment dumbfounded, and she just waited patiently for me to find my voice again, I swallowed hard looking back at her smiling face. Trying to make sense of it all especially with how this didn’t feel like a dream at all.

“T-talk? Why? Who are you?” I stammered out before drawing in a breath.

Nirahsa Shock Part One

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Nirahsa paced around her workshop hooves clopping with her feverish pace. Fingers tapping along her chin even as the draenei’s tendrils quivered in a non-existent breeze. Not noticing anything else going on around her as her thoughts focused on the earlier conversation she’d had with Henii.

Farmland Dreamscape

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I took several steps forward, feeling my hooves digging into the soft dirt beneath them. I was between two rows of farm plants, tomatoes and corn is what the human’s called them I think. The plants rustling in the light breeze as I walked between the rows enjoying the white clouds and blue sky that shone from above.