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The Dream Weaver

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((Tumblred this last night, mostly came to mind while listening to the song in the link, which is 'The Dream Weaver' by Adrian Von Ziegler. And according to the description the song describes an evil-minded Ghost within the Catacombs which wears a smiling Mask and leads people astray with his lantern.))


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((If I messed up on anything concerning Vasily let me know Drogar.))

Nirahsa leaned against a nearby table to catch her breath, the gentle illumination of the Exodar’s crystals beamed down upon her. She still wasn’t quite at one hundred percent again, but she had been cleared to at least start moving around again but given explicit instructions to not do any intensive labor or magicking. Doctor’s orders that she would follow, since there were small things she could tinker with not to mention the shaman just wanted to stop feeling, drained and sore as soon as possible.

Dream Home

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I felt like my head was spinning in the inky black, when everything suddenly stopped and slowly came into focus. I was in a home, a draenic home…it was lovely with tools set about on a nearby workbench. I found myself rising onto my hooves and looking around.

Did I live here? Is this my home, on Draenor?

Engines of Crystal

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Nirahsa smiled while humming quietly to herself, satchel over her shoulder. The shaman pushed open the doors to Truthhammer Industries, hooves walking the same path they did whenever Nira came to this place. She headed towards one of the small workstations that she’d been given for projects.

Application for the Dragoons(Areelan)

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((Just to make Alynore sigh, shake her head and go "Why do they keep applying to this unit? Why? Can they all just toddle off somewhere else?" Also having her apply to the goons first since ICly she'd go for a more disciplined unit structure first before looking at groups like the Meddlers who are a tad less, structured.))

I do apology for the long delay it’s taken me to fill out an application for your unit Commander Forrester, I was preoccupied with other matters that needed taking care of. 

The Great Airship

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My hooves thudded against the wooden floor as I walked along the upper deck of my Airship.  My tail swung back and forth happily as I smiled at everyone. The crewmembers of the Argus’s Pride busily at work to keep the largest Airship in the alliance aloft in the air currents. Said currents kept threatening to steal my big fancy admiral’s hat away. Something that just wouldn’t do, no no, so it didn’t happen! The rest of my clothing mimicked all those stories I’d read of swashbucklers, billowing arm sleeves, loose pants, rings, necklaces. Everything a real swashbuckler would have!

Moments of Transition

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I cowered as the skies rained blood, barely able to raise my head up to see Garrosh standing atop a mountain of skulls brandishing his corrupted axe. Bellowing sadistically as a flash of lightning sparks across the crimson sky.

Why couldn’t I get up? Slowly raising my head as I focused, forcing myself to rise on shaky legs. My mace felt far to heavy in my hand it took all my strength just to hold it up. My eyes going wide when I tried to take a step forward, spires rising upwards around me, spires with my friends impaled upon them. Looking on with blank stares, even as their mouths suddenly moved and a voice clawed at the back of my mind as they spoke in unison.

Intimate Blushing

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NIrahsa looked herself over in the full length mirror, a slight blush upon her cheeks despite being alone in the workshop. She’d recently gone shopping with Henii after expressing the desire to the mage to find some more intimate clothing to show off to Daci. Since she had little experience in such things she’d spoken to Henii knowing the mage had a far more shrewd fashion sense than she did.

Shades of Our Past

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Shades of Our Past - Hannes Johansson

(Ended up getting inspired to write this while listening to the song.)

I remember so little of my past, sometimes the things I do remember feel like nothing more than a dream. A wonderful dream that is full of blissful innocence of happier times. A dream that is also a terrible nightmare, of loved ones dying, of vengeance taken out on the innocent rather than the deserving.

Insomnia Provoked Productivity

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The light of the sun began to creep through the windows of Nirahsa’s workshop. Not that the shaman actually noticed as she was still hard at work. Since her talk with Janyice last night and those disturbing events Nira had been working on an entire replacement arm for the warrior. The schematic’s she’d borrowed from Finkswitch had been a useful starting base to build off of and she’d quickly finished a set of schematics for her own design.

Nirahsa and the Mok'nathal

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Nirahsa flew through the air, body spinning in a corkscrew until she slammed into the metal earth. A loud gasp escaped her lips as the impact knocked the breath from her lungs, mail armor scrapping the ground, despite wearing it she still left several blue streaks. She let out a groan even as she started pushing herself upwards, eyes burning brightly before a higher pitched voice screamed rather loudly.

“Yeeow!! Looked like that hit left a mark folks! Don’t get too settled however, as it looks like that spunky crazed little draenei Nirahsa, is getting back up!” Bizmo shouted out over the loudspeaker even as his noisy gyrocopter fluttered back and forth above the arena.

Enhancement, The Surge of Power

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She smiled lightly to herself looking upon her handiwork. The dummy was rather complex despite being made out of wood and bolts. Complete with multi-pivot points and well-oiled gears to facilitate smooth fast movement. The dummy even had armor that Nirahsa had attached to it, granted it wasn’t the highest quality by far but it would definitely help. A wooden sword and metal shield completed the dummy’s ensemble.

First Day

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Nirahsa pursed her lips as she stood in front of the entrance to Truthhammer Industries. She’d been so excited leaving her house gathering her satchel of engineering items, from her gyrospanner to various schematics of devices she’d built or had ideas for. Since she’d forgotten to ask Drogar if she needed to bring her own tools, she knew she’d be embarrassed if she hadn’t needed to, but also knew she’d be more embarrassed if she came completely ill prepared to start her first day.

Aftermath of a Noisy Success

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Fined by the city for a noise disturbance.

People kept awake by the booming thunder from the lightning attractor.

Don’t they understand, you can’t grow without testing your limits?

Lightning in a Bottle

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The dark sky above Stormwind rolled and thundered ominously as the storm slowly moved in. The wind sweeping in causing tree’s to bend and howl in preamble to the flashes that lit up those churning anvils above.

Nirahsa leaned back atop the roof of her workshop, hands pressed back against the angled slabs of wood, eyes on the storm. Hair trying to run away with the wind but she paid it no mind.