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Earth, Fire, Wind, Water ...and Heart

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Nirahsa groaned in relief as she slipped into the tub, the hot soapy water already bringing relief to the shaman’s sore muscles as she simply let herself slip back till she was almost entirely submerged. A thick layer of soapy bubbles nearly enveloping her face as Nira smiled to herself idly reflecting on some of the more recent developments of her life while lifting one long blue leg out of the water just so she could drop it back down with a splash giggling lightly to herself.

Drakes, Orcs and Pirates Oh my

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((Takes place a few weeks ago after Nira fell off the Alliance destroyer.))

Nirahsa let out a groan as she pushed herself up, wet sand matting in her hair, bits of it stuck to her cheek. She felt like she’d been shot out of a cannon, her blurry vision slowly coming into focus as the draenei got her wits about her. Blinking hard several times gazing at the ocean that lapped around her hooves.

“W-where? What?” She asked to no one before Nira remembered, she’d been on the Gypsy Dawn. The goblins had shown up in a giant sea turtle and destroyed a horde ship with explosive rockets. Then she’d fallen.

Resupplying a Siege, Part Two

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Gypsie’s Dawn had made a valiant attempt to try and evade the orc warships closing with her, but her maneuvering options had been limited since she needed to reach the fleet and the horde warships had firmly entrenched themselves between her and alliance reinforcements. Nira’s efforts to increase the Gypsy’s speed were fruitful but being laden with cargo it didn’t give them enough momentum to outrun their aggressors. The three orc destroyers continued to close in a wide v formation close enough that you could see brown and green orcs running around the top decks making ready for a fight.

“Captain, bearing 2-5-0 degrees, blue sails,” Kala reported looking through her spyglass. It seemed the horde had spotted the sails as well, the right most destroyer was in the process of breaking formation, leaving two ships coming up on the Gypsie’s Aft quarter “Looks like the horde saw her as well.”

Resupplying a Siege, Part One

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((I'd been wanting to do another Naval based bit for awhile since the Siege started.))

The boat rocked as it crested waves as if the destroyer was trying to leap out of the water only to slam back against the ocean once gravity asserted its claim on the vessel. The ocean itself was relatively calm as the sun beared down on the crew of the vessel, men and women, humans, dwarves and the odd draenei that was constantly trying to remain on her hooves.

This was the one thing Nira didn’t like about boats so far was the constant motion that made her have to keep shifting about to stay standing. She’d already fallen a few times this trip which had gotten a laugh from several of the crew about the landlubber completely lacking sea legs. Which earned a blush from the draenei as she redoubled her efforts to stay standing.

Harmonic Discord

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Nirahsa sat near the water’s edge outside the walls of Stormwind and near a waterfall that cascading into Elwynn forest. She probably could have done this inside the city but she needed the privacy, the lack of interruptions. A light breeze rustled through the trees only to be drowned out when it swirled off towards the roaring water. The darkness of the evening was broken by a small crackling fire the Shaman had set up to her right. Oddly near the banks of the small lake nearby with her facing both.

She took a deep breath before starting to focus, meditating like she’d been taught as she called out silently to the world around her. Asking to be listened to, asking for counsel as she tilted her head down eyes closing briefly.

[Areelan] A Night in Trask's Shoes

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((I know its abit late but I got this idea a couple of days after Halloweeen and decided I wanted to write and post it. Decided to try a different and quirky style for the majority of the post because I didn't think normal third person would properly display Trask's mentality.))

Pitchforks…Torches…Angry Screaming, oh my oh my how this is a thrilling chase.

Granted it’d be far more thrilling if I was the one with the pitchfork and torch, rather than running from them. Scrabbling along the ground like some confused animal that didn’t know how it was suppose to walk, tis my lot in life, no longer able to stand up straight, or have depth perception. Eh both were overrated anyway.

So why am I running from an angry mob with a pumpkin on my head? Well since I might be dying for the second time I might as well tell you.

[Nirahsa] Costume Try On

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Nirahsa’s cheeks burned fiercely

Even though she couldn’t be seen

Staring at her reflection

[Nirahsa] Determination

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Missed the target dummy’s rebound


Knocked to the ground


[Areelan] Money Needs, Letter to the Blue Tabard Commander

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((More Aree and Trask ponderings, along with a letter!"

Areelan shuffled through the woods of Elwynn, the chirping of the nightlife seemed to quiet down at her passing. Which only caused her to sigh as she remembered the times when she used to lay in a tree simply listening to such lovely sounds. The pale night elf simply shook her head to get rid of the image as she reached the run down house that was her home, taking a key from her pocket and unlocking the door she entered.

The inside was rather neat and orderly with an armor rack that stood full of dust covered protective gear. A wicked bloodstained axe rested nearby glowing with blue runes. She turned her head towards her desk and the shelves above that were laden with alchemical ingredients.

[Nirahsa] Steps into the Past

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Nira paced around on the platform under Telredor as her mind raced, hands fidgeting as her anxiety built even as she saw the elevator to the top start its descent. Harrigan had gotten her thinking, even if she didn’t like to admit that that Monster had helped her out, she knew she couldn’t deny it. He wasn’t so bad personality wise, just…the things he’d done, and that she’d helped him do through supplying him and his group. She’d rather not think about it too deeply.

After Nira had remembered more of her life back on draenor, some of the happy times, the sad, and the vengeful, she had started thinking that she was doom to back to who she was. Doomed to become a monster again that thinks of nothing but committing genocide upon a race as retribution for the attempted genocide upon her own.

[Nirahsa] Tech Gone Wrong

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((Happens at a non descript timeframe due to not quite fitting in with Nira's current state of mind.))

Nirahsa was hunched over her workbench, which tended to be quite a lot of the time when she was home. It wasn’t strange for her to end up working and tinkering till she fell asleep only to wake several hours later with a wrench imprint on her cheek. Tonight however she was intending to finish what would be her greatest creation yet.

[OOC} The New Parrot in the Apartment

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Just thought I'd share a video I'd recorded of my new parrot wandering about in one of his first forays out of the cage. Still name debating due to waiting on test results. Put the link further into the video as before that he was doing a bit of an impression of a statue. The rest is mostly just him doing his own thing.

[Nirahsa] Mending Broken Fragments

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((Hopefully this bit makes sense, really wanted to include the elemental familiars so I'm hoping they don't feel too forced.))

“What’s your name girl,” The dark skinned man asked gruffly even as his fingers ran through his beard eyeing the tall stranger in front of him. Most of Nirahsa’s skin lay hidden behind armor including her face which was obscured by a helm and cloth mask covering the lower portion of her face. Only her soft glowing eyes could be seen, eyes that looked vengeful and hurt at the same time.

“Name unimportant, yes yes,” She replied back in broken common while glancing around warily, the winds of hellfire peninsula picked up a moment tossing more red sand in the air. It was just her, the human and his small like-minded escort. The small fat one was supposedly called a dwarf, but just looked like a human that’d been sat on by an elekk to her.

[Nirahsa] Smile, 55 Words

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Little Shari

When you were born

[Nirahsa] Trying to Preserve Innocence

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I smiled brightly moving through Shattrath, Shannar was gone but I had to pick myself back up. For Shari if for no other reason, as both of us had lost so much in Shannar but we still had each other. Taking a few more steps towards my new dwelling for when I was in the city anyway. It was then that I heard the gleeful shout and saw the brief glimpse a blue hand waving about along with the white glimpses of her other hand set in a cast.

“Mom! Over here!”