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[Nirahsa] The Past Returns

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Nirahsa slammed against the ground rolling as her side flared with pain after the bolt of Shadow energy had slammed into her. The Orcish warlock let out a chuckle watching the tinkerer gasp, gripping her side Nira slowly pushed herself up.

“No wonder your kind screams so pathetically when they die, everything about your race is weak. Running and hiding trying to take over from the shadows, never expecting the shadows would be your end,” The Warlock stated with a tusky self-satisfied grin.

[Nirahsa] Shattering Scream

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Nirahsa couldn’t help but feel unsettled, something in the vale just felt off today. Her mind couldn’t place it, everything looked the same. The sounds were quieter, like the local wildlife had gone or was just choosing to remain silent. Nira wasn’t a druid nor much of an animal person so she had no clue if it was serious. Whatever it was it only succeeded in making a pit in her stomach.

[Nirahsa] Shrine and Beyond

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Nira smiled to herself while walking through the shrine with a slight bounce to her step, goggles making a brief whirling sound as she stopped and did a half turn to peer at a device on a nearby table. Pursing her lips briefly realizing she doesn’t have the time to study it the draenei reluctantly turn back around and head towards the exit to the shrine.

[Nirahsa] Memento

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With a sigh Nirahsa tossed her spanner onto the workbench. Telredor’s immobile form lay prone upon the table with several components missing. The tinkerer had been going through some of his systems again, just trying to learn more about the machine. As he represented a different her, or at least that’s how Nira felt since his black and white views were just so perplexing to her. As he’d been mostly constructed on Draenor and beyond some snippets she hadn’t been able to recall anything of herself before the crash. So to Nira, Telredor Prime provided that link to her past no matter how elusive it seemed. She kept poking and hoping to stumble upon something that’d have all the answers.

[Nirahsa] Total Annihilation

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The rank of alliance soldiers stood with weapons at the ready, in stark contrast to the rank of orcish grunts that opposed them, each bearing the same identical bloodlust grin upon that green face. While the footmen looked on with a steely gaze, time seeming to hold still as the titanic armies prepared to engage one another. One could almost hear the thundering roars of battle cries, even as the sun seemed to flicker, a massive shadow passing over the troops.

When Dreams Become Reality

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Nirahsa could hear the thrumming of pickaxes echoing faintly in the distance. The striking of which continued to make the Vale far less serene. She nibbled on her lower lip, the draenei had been hoping the healing properties of the Vale would help to ease her mind with regards to her more recent unsettling dreams that seemed to more be memories. The serenity of the vale was constantly interrupted by the clang of metal, or worse the dull reverberation of an underground explosion.

Wanted Yet Unwanted, Memories

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The battle raged around me, the screams of kin being killed as civilians fled for their lives. Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion around me. I felt terrified but at the same time a strange confidence also flowed through me. My attire was different, metal plates were strapped to me thighs and arms, heavy leather adorned with all kinds of gizmos and wrenches encompassed my chest. Even though it still bared blue skin where the leather vest met my belt and leggings, with which several tools hung from. My right arm was held up and I felt the weight of a rather large wrench on my shoulder the size of which could have it mistaken as a large mace. Goggles whirled about briefly as they cut through the smoke and fires that burned about.

[Areelan] Sweeping Stormwind

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((Blog of newer character, haven't rped much with her. Wrote this trying to get a sense of her thinking. Struggles and such to some extent.

Areelan pushed the broom against the cobblestone pathway with a soft sigh, pushing away dust, rocks, and the occasional dead rat. The pale white elf was slightly hunched as she worked, wearing a wide brimmed hat even though it was dark out, Elune casting her soft light over Stormwind as the city slumbered. With the occasional citizen passing by casting a glance at the elf, which only earned a brief quirk of a long ear from her, the end of which was slightly discolored.


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Telredor Prime moves with purpose, destroy the horde it will be done. It is an inevitable happening, the Horde is doomed for trying to stand before the light. One metal heel and they shall be crushed! Even now the honest citizens of this Alliance city regard Telredor Prime with respect, turning and moving to the side as Telredor Prime moves through their midsts. They know that Telredor Prime is off to merit out righteous justice upon the evil red horde that attempts them harm, but they also realize that The Horde is the very definition of failure! This is why they gasp in surprise and joy that Telredor Prime is now off to smash the red tyrants underfoot for their decadent ways have gone on for to long!


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Telredor Prime, Stitchy, Klink, the three little bots were hunched over on Nirahsa’s workbench with their power cores removed. The shaman had been erasing parts of their memory, a tricky endeavor since they hadn’t been constructed with such a thing in mind. She really didn’t want to lose what they were since despite each ones quirks she had grown rather fond of them, but they’d seen too much and she had to be certain they couldn’t be used to bring more terrible pain into the world.

[Video Making ooc] Tomb Raider

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Finished video of the Tomb Raider game that I put together to Les Friction's Louder Than Words. Rather happy at how it turned out overall. Forewarning the video does contain rather big plot spoilers if you are concerned about such things and are intending to play Tomb Raider at some point in the future!

It Followed Me Home

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Nirahsa fumbled with her key to unlock the front door of her little home workshop. Still slightly unnerved by her new friend even if Dolraan assured her it wasn’t evil. Said friend was now hovering behind her, a wooden troll fetish with a rather neutral expression painted upon it. It felt like it was watching her every move and its utter silence was just creepy. The door swinging open was louder than the wooden mask creaking slightly even as Nira stepped inside, the mask floating in after her.


Tinkering and Robots

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Nira leaned over her workbench hands tinkering and turning over with a deftness the draenei hardly ever displayed when simply walking.  Goggles shifting lightly as various zoom features whirled into action.  Left hand grasping a metallic stem as the other manipulated her spanner to tweak a flake of metal gentle. Nibbling on her lower lip as she hoped the soft warm metal wouldn’t break off.

“Careful, yes yes. Can’t end up like that others, just a few more adjustments!”

Nearby Klink and Stitchy observed upon the edge of the workbench, the former letting out a few low blooping tones and a head tilt. Even as stitchy intoned a mechanical sigh, “No I do not know why she is recreating an organic piece, don’t overload your circuits with thinking.”

[Nirahsa] Twilight Fright 55W

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Dark masks pervade her thoughts

Squirming about, sheets forming her own prison

Eyes of twilight boring into her mind

[Nirahsa] Best Laid Plans...(Henii Plot)

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((Events happening before Nira's cry for help over the link.))

“Stitchy…this is very important, yes yes. Make sure Drogar gets this letter!” Nira stated while leaning over giving the small little stitched together machine a piece of rolled up parchment. It detailed having something very important to show Drogar and the others with the attackers, and instructing them to come to her home near the outskirts of Stormwind near Olivia’s Pond.