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[Nirahsa] Shaman Contemplation(Henii Plots)

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“I need your help, but it may involve some unpleasantness for you, yes yes” Nira spoke softly as she sat in the calm grove of trees on the outskirts of Stormwind. Biting her lower lip slightly as she finished speaking, she had an idea with regards to the unseen attackers but she had to try and test it on the Elements themselves. Which was not something she really wished to do.

[Nirahsa] Night Terrors

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I moved through the jungle, Krasarang Wilds groaned with the background noises of predators and strange birds.  My shield and sword in hand, heart thudding, Calen was no-where to be seen. He was just here I could have sworn. My eyes darted about the forest as the tree’s seemed to move and shift about in a dark inky haze. For a moment I could have sworn that one tree gained dark sinister eyes before reverting to stillness. Feeling my blue skin crawling as I turned away as if behind my back those trees had grown toothy maws and were leaning forward to swallow me whole while I wasn’t looking.