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[The Fireclaws] - Rule of Three

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(( Disclaimers: Violence, spoilery things for War Crimes and more Fireclaw than should be allowed. This is a bit of a joint project between myself and Linu. ))

[Rhiza] Marshalling Strength

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The destruction of the Vale ended my career.

[Jia / Wes]: Target In Sight

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"I'm sure you're fond of tipping over caravans and all, but you could've done that pretty easily without me," Wes grumbled, shooting a glance at the rogue he was partnered with. The worgen sounded a little extra-gruff, clearly annoyed. "It'd be a good deal less dangerous to wait until nightfall swings back around and get on with the real job, every time we ride out there to knock another one down is another chance we could screw up, get caught. THEN what?"

[Jia / Wes ]: A Dance of Blades and Bullets

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The walls of the Ratchet warehouse Jia had secreted herself away in didn't do much to dampen the booming report of the rifle outside. The explosive round it had launched was even faster.

[Jia / Wes] Barrens: Groundwork

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Ever since she'd first laid eyes on it, Jia had known that Ratchet was a rather shady sort of place. All of the major Steamwheedle ports were, really; just to varying degrees. Ratchet was by no means the worst, but it was still easy enough to disappear for a bit, to bribe a few of the all-seeing eyes to look the other way for a few hours. This close to Horde Loyalist territory, being able to drop out of sight was a very important thing, indeed.

It was also not cheap.

Brewfest: The Post-Haze

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Pre-post disclaimer: This is my first time writing in, well ... A while. Probably since last winter around the start of Cata itself. I have no doubt that this is probably gonna be lacking in some way; a little constructive criticism to help me improve my material would be greatly appreciated. Please send help!

Brewfest was a haze, no surprise there. I had a rough idea of what I was getting into when I let Hlin 'abduct' me for her grand world tour, and having survived the crucial first time around I can say I don't regret having done it and am looking forward to round two.

What I DO regret is that I can't remember most of what I actually did. No doubt there was a lot of alcohol involved, it's an entire holiday dedicated to nothing but 'booze' and partying. And I'm still alive, so it can't have been too horrible, but there are some things that have left me wondering.