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The Shattering: Crisara (very very late)

Crisara slept fitfully in her apartment beneath the Slaughtered Lamb.  Her dreams were disturbing and confusing.  A mix of memory from her time with Victoria and the evil she’d committed, her parents and sister when they were alive and well, her mother and sister’s deaths, and a confusing jumble of molten rock hurtling across her vision and drowning.  She woke several times in the early night, forcing herself to calm down and return to slumber.  She wished fervently that Wacune was home instead of off in Durotar or the Barrens or wherever Staroda sen

The Shattering: Arlinaria

Arlinaria  sat on the edge of the fountain inside the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus.

Redemption: Step One

((This is really a Crisara/Darlain post, Arli isnt in it at all.))

Crisara paced through Darkshire, periodically checking the Scarlet Raven for Darlain.
When she finally saw the dwarf waiting by the innkeeper, a shiver of excitement travelled up her spine. She entered the inn and greeted Darlain.

“Thank you for meeting me.” She said.

“Well…least I could do, ‘un.” Darlain responded. Crisara’s eyes were very bright, her body tense.

“I found her, found where she is hiding.” She said, her voice high.

“You were careful, right?” Darlain said.


Arlinaria sat at the edge of Dun Niffelem, staring out into the swirling snow, Kilala curled into a ball against her thigh.  Arlinaria pet Kilala absently, thinking about Victoria and Makar, plotting revenge.  Though she preferred to be alone when not working with the Meddlers, Arli regretted the time spent studying Vordrassil.  Time she should have spent with her only brother, the last of her family.  She’d thought he was gone forever for so long, then one day he walked up to her, a Death Knight.  She thought she had time to get to know him, until he was ripped awa