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            It was an indulgence.

            Czene allowed himself the time, sitting at his desk, doing nothing.  A personal response, perhaps, but a minor one, and he felt that he could allow it.  After his work today, it would no longer be his desk, or his office.  The work was worth it, and the office only existed to assist with the work.  It would continue doing so.  He took only a few moments to appreciate that before turning to the letter.


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            She always felt awkward in full dresses.  Not uncomfortable.  They suited her well enough, and were tailored to a smooth fit, easy to wear and move in.  Just awkward, like they weren’t what she should be doing.  She was a fighter, after all.  Burnt and scarred, not pampered and pretty.  It felt like… wearing the wrong uniform.

            But it was the uniform for the job.  Straighten.  Take a deep breath.  Knock.

The Proxy

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                Czene smiled.  He bowed, with practiced ease, and shook the dwarf's hand, and welcomed her to the Cathedral.  He was familiar with her reputation, and completely sincere when he said that the church would be greatly aided by someone with her skills.  When he excused himself to return to his work, his stride was smooth, and his breath calm, measured by silent counts of five in his head.

An informed response

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            Even in private, Czene didn’t grit his teeth.  It wasn’t as subtle as many people thought, and it was easy to see the jaw muscles flex and the reflexive narrowing of the eyes that accompanied it.  Even in frustration, it was a bad habit to get into, too easy to fool yourself into thinking that you were getting away with it.

Business Meeting

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A careful brush of his hands was all Czene required to ensure that everything was in order.

Rumors and responses

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Czene allowed himself the slightest of frowns. 

Measured Response

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As much as he wanted to scowl at the report on his desk, Czene did not permit himself to. To allow a simple paper, even one with news such as this, to cause him visible lack of composure would be remarkably petty. He certainly had more self-control than that.


The Price of Faith

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                The quill never moved.


Skipping Stones part 4

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Continued from Part Three, begun at Part One


She was seventeen, and it was too much.


[Paxton] Epilogue

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It had not been a dream.


Skipping Stones part 3

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Continued from Skipping Stones Part Two, begun at Part One 



She was fourteen, and it was too quiet.


Skipping Stones part 2

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Continued from Part One at Skipping Stones



She was nine, and it was too early.


Skipping Stones

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She was five, and it was too heavy.

Lost Time part three: Not "It". Me.

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(( Firie's been away from the world for a while, and she's always been a poor hand at subtlty and stealth.  Here's the third installment of what she's been up to while off-screen. Wow is this ever cut for length, also some serious creepiness. ))

Lost Time part two: Between

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(( Theramore did not go well for Firie, but that was quite some time ago.  Here is part two of what she's been up to since then.  Cut for length.))