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[Kaewynn] First Kiss

“S-s-sorry!” Janosis had his “I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened” expression. A now-empty water skin was crushed in one hand and he held the broken stopper in his other.

Old Soldiers: It Doesn't Get Better the Second Time, Either

Harrigan found himself, for the first time in his adult life, unable to just grab his gear and be ready to ship out in five minutes.

Old Soldiers and Second Chances

It was almost evening when Harrigan arrived at Shattrath. He started from Auchindoun that morning, figuring the cross-country ride would be good for the elekk that rumbled steadily beneath him. He let Scrap have his head for the most part, which sadly led to exploring every new plant, stream, and defile they passed near. His back regretted his decision and the rest of him was ready to agree.

Time After Time (Part 2)

Tuesday afternoon -

“Damn all dragons to hell!” If anyone heard the woman's outburst over the din of the battle they gave no sign. Her fury knew no bounds and she released it upon the pirates with great pleasure.

Time After Time (Part 1)


Early Tuesday -

Kaewynn stood on the balcony high above the city. You could hear nothing but the wind and smell only fresh air. To her, she stood at the edge of absolute nothingness and that was exactly what she wanted. Peace. Before all hell broke loose.

Dream Time


“You don't belong on a battlefield. Go back to your dresses and parties, girl.” He didn't even turn to face her.

“Sergeant Harrigan, I can help out there. Not every fight will be on the battlefield-”

“NO!” He turned on her, his face a mask of rage. She felt blood spatter across her face. It flowed down his arm, falling to an ever-widening pool on the ground. “This is no job for cripples!”

Old Soldiers Can't Forgive

The sun beat down on Harrigan's back as he filled in the latest vermin tunnel in his field. He thought the hides he hung on the fences would discourage them, but they appeared oblivious to the obvious consequences of invading his farm. Now three more skins were drying on the poles.

“Mornin', Harri!” a cheerful voice lilted across the field. He wiped his forehead on his arm and peered at the owner.

“Morning, Cassie!” He walked across the field, scraping the worst of the dust from his arms as he went. She was waiting in front of the house when he got there. He rinsed his hands off in a rain barrel and dunked his head. Cassie yelped and laughed as he shook the water from his head. “What brings you this way?”

Here, There, and Every-when?

“What have you learned?” Smoke mingled with the frost of her breath in the cold air.

“It seems the rumors are true, and then some.” The man marveled at her, standing in the snow, her light cloak casually falling open. He shivered and pulled his own heavy wool closer about him.


“She was seen at the Dancing Dragon the same night as Lord Mallorey's ball. The Dragoons seemed aware of it at the time.”

Running Out of Time

Kaewynn carried Frederick outside and into the bushes.  She managed to find a space large enough to lay him down as comfortably as she could.  Then she could examine his injuries.

Bad Time

There was a horrible taste in Kaewynn’s mouth.  That alone would be bad enough if she was normal, but with her senses it caused a slight ringing in her ears and the sensation of scratches in unpleasant locations.  The stiffness in her arms kept her from dwelling on that too long.

Whoever tied her wrists knew their trade.  Circulation to her hands was not restricted but they were firmly bound.  It would take hours to work them free, assuming she could at all.  Her efforts would also be quite obvious.

Time's Up

Kaewynn took a deep breath and relished the relative quiet.  There was too much movement, too much noise, too much heat, and too many scents in a crowd.  It threatened to become too much to process.  Out here in the cold air of the balcony, there was only a few servants, who kept a discreet distance, and Frederick returning with two steaming drinks.  He placed one in her hand.

“It’s like mulled cider.  Only they used some sort of fruit from Pandaria,” he said.  “Genevieve started talking to me while I was waiting and the name of it flew right out of my head.”

“That’s all right.  Thank you.”  It was warm and spicy.  She saw reds and orange and heard the sound of a flute playing a low note.  The warmth spread through her body.

“I should probably see that Lord Mallorey doesn’t need anything.”  She felt more than heard the resigned sigh beside her.  “What is it, Frederick?”

“It’s nothing, Kaewynn.”