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Jormund's blog

“You remind me of someone I used to know...”

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Jormund walked out of the building, Anwyna was still unconscious. Stabbed in the back in the middle of the night, right after leaving the Dragoon’s anniversary party quite drunk.

The Message

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Jormund sat still on his cage waiting for the day to pass. Mok’gol was still in activity, he could hear Og’roc barking orders at his raiders as they walked by the hut. 


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He could feel a strange warmth around him, familiar, barely recognizable, his hands grasped what it felt like tall grass, it felt smooth to the touch.

[Jonars] Extinguish the Flame

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What happened to the hunter after the pray was caught? What happened to the fire when there was no more fuel? What happened to a cause when finished?


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Jormund sat in front of the shield, giving it one last look. He could clearly see his ancestors filling up the room. Probably the draenei priests could see them too… maybe, maybe not.

The Ritual

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Auchindoun. The City of the Dead for draenei.

[Moon'ori] Something for the Trip

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Moon'ori gazed at the Dark Portal nervously. It was her first assignment ever it was okay for her to be nervous right? She`d be a fool if she didn`t felt like that...

We are Unanimous

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Jormund approached the shield and removed the covers to touch it directly. 


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Jormund intended to apologize to Rhiswyn for what he said but preparations needed to be made first… This is why he was riding through Nagrand at full speed straight to the Easwind Gulch, there was

Reason and Instinct

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Jormund asked Anwyna, a blood elf, to give him a clean bill of health so Alynore could be assured that his arm won`t fall off in the middle of an operation.

The Process

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[Coggleonty] In the name of Medicine

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[First blog about my first gnome alt! Yay!]


"This is what happens whenever you try to arm the cannon all by yourself, now stop complaning. It´s not that bad..." 

Visiting the "in-laws"...

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[This is a thing I blurted out in 15 minutes... Related to Rhiswyn´s "Questioned" blog]


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<"That was close brother. Can you stand?">

Jormund grabbed the stretched hand and was easily pulled up to his hooves. Wait... hooves?.

The Trial

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After a long and tortuous week the trial had come to an end, finally Azeroth would be ridden of the name Hellscream and start healing... again.