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The Endless Watch

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Jormund lifted his glass for the fourth time only to put it down again.

The Right Course.

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-Your form is off still! Again! -Jormund barked. 


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Jormund paced nervously on the cabin at the Valley of the Four Winds. Light above and beyond, how he hated making presents. The thing that bothered him the most was choosing the right one.


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Mild language warning. Some words may not be appropiate... I think. <.<U...

Smoke and Mirrors...

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((This took place on saturday night.))

Darkmoon Faire! Located in one of the creepiest forests in Azeroth and full of exotic mysteries, shows and games. 

To hurt and get hurt.

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The golden glowing hammer made from pure light flew through the air hitting the pandaren square in the face, with a loud lament the pandaren phantom vanished on the thin air.

Underground Favor...

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-We cannot hold!!

Time for Wrath

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-Ha! Looking good as always neighbor!

Jormund turned his gaze from the new batch of ripe striped watermelons to Yoon. 

Fixing up a welcome gift... (Writer´s block activate ¬¬)

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I try not to stumble upon other people as I enter the bank carrying the rather large pile of clothing that Rhiswyn sent me. Next time I should stay quiet about having trouble with clothing.

"Have you learned nothing boy?"

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((Mild violence warning o.o))

Cold... "feet".

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((I don´t know if the content here actually can enter the category of "Sexual" but... just in case, a fair warninig :3~♪♫ ))



Ramblings and Mutterings

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The commander raised an eyebrow at the mention of this so called "Game" I talked about.

-Let me get this straight. You have feelings for her...


A cold breeze...

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I walked off the inn and sounded Cloudwing´s whistle.

Voices in the Dark

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(COPY/PASTE from the Dragoon´s Site)

Hey guys! Just getting this from my post on the about-to-close Dragoon´s forum. Also to keep RP stories on one place so I don´t have to go around like a maniac looking for things later.~♪♫



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I wake up again, covered in sweat and shaken. I sat on the edge of the small cot of the prison, took a deep breath and got up. Another nightmare, best thing to do was try not too hard to remember.