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[Ki'in] Silence

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~….And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made…~

[Cui-Fen & Tai] Punkin'

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Leaves tumbled from trees surrounding the fields Cui-Fen was working in, carpeting the small harvest of pumpkins the shaman had coaxed out of the earth before the weather changed.

Sitting on the grass just past the field, on a small checkered blanket, Tai -had- been watching her Mama work….but, as toddlers were apt to do, had gotten distracted with the leaves and her toys

I Want To Ride My....

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“..Shansii, I don’t know about this…”

Father's Day Writing

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((I wrote three things yesterday for Father's Day. So they're all going up in one big post here :) ))


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-The day after Lai’s boiling point-

Twice, now, Lai-Ning had tried to stop her mind from wandering back to her problems.

[Cui-Fen] Aftershock

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She had no idea how long she laid on the ground.

She didn’t care. She felt numb.

She had -nothing-.

Boiling Point

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-About two weeks ago-

Future Foretold

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So...there was a prompt on Tumblr. Descibe a scene in the future for your character(s). I got one for Lai-Ning, and Cui-Fen/Tai. So...posting them here! These are both rather sad so...keep that in mind.

Please make a note...nothing is ever set in stone.


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Lai-Ning wasn’t a huge fan soaking in baths.

Explorer Lai : Festival

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Moonglade! Fireworks!

Explorer Lai : Sidetracked

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"I had heard that there was an elder that might be able to tell me stories about Pandaria before the Sundering, in a little village outside Darnassus. So, off I went!

Explorer Lai : Darnassus

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[Lai-Ning]Little Thoughts...

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Every so often, something odd occurred in her little head.

It could be in the middle of studying….during a meeting…..or even if she was just climbing into bed at night.


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[Lai-Ning] Change

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Lai-Ning Silverpaw, apprentice mage, couldn’t sleep.

Who could, after today?