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Just a little story

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"Lai-Lai! Lai-Lai"
Tiny blue hands tugged on her robes excitedly.
"Tell us a story, Lai-Lai!"

Lai-Ning Silverpaw and the Mecha-dragon Munchies

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"Pan Long! Not again!"
She lunged for the little dragonling, only to flop in the dirt as it darted out of her reach.
Sighing, she rolled over to make a face at her happily munching pet.


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She knelt by the small shrine tucked away in the corner of her apartment. Gentle paws touched each treasured item with a whispered prayer for each.


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"Read it again!"
"...only -one- more. Then sleep!"
A little finger underlines each word.
Two voices slowly sound out each syllable.
Trading yawns as the story ends.

Lai-Ning Silverpaw and the Delectable Desserts!

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"A -what-?"
"A smorc! You've got to try one, Lai!"

She stared warily at the gooey mess the paladin held out to her with a grin.

"...uh...if you say so..."


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So much noise!
So many people!

Laughter, beer, maybe a little silliness.

And a squished gnome.

Too much fun!
Maybe less naked people, though...


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The harbor in Stormwind isn't quite the same

I think it's a pretty good substitute, though.

Press the folded paper to my lips, whisper a quiet prayer.


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((There is something that goes between this blog and the last one, just haven't quite gotten it done yet.))



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He was out of cups.

The last one he owned lay shattered on the floor, its contents spilled across his hooves.


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G'ma used to tell me, every day, before I even properly woke up:
"Brush your hair, girl! Only thing you should take care of more is your figure!"

The Shattering: Davighn, Kiyanna, Ialia

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Shield slung over her shoulder, Davighn trudged along, gathering concerned looks from passing civilians as she seemingly argued with herself.

"Yes Kiy, I'm still out. No, I will not get you more bourbon, go get it yourself."

She paused and rubbed her face with a tired hand.

", I haven't been able to. A couple of days at least. Yes, I know what standing orders are, but honestly, if they can find something to make me fall asleep, they would have to make it into a sleeping gas for the battlefield..."