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A Letter

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Attention Silver Dragoon Leadership,

A few days past I happened to stumble upon Jormund Rhane in far eastern Nagrand while handling some work duties. He was fairly injured and had been poorly treated by his ‘captors’. It was only decent to liberate him and provide him safe escort to the Ring of Trials where we both wait for your arrival to reclaim him.

[Dragoon Event] Lyn Steals a Human or: How She Adopted a Puppydin

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Nagrand sweetgrass had a very pungent, although overall pleasant, smell when crushed underfoot. It was much, much less pleasant mixed with the smoke of a campfire and the ripe smell of unwashed Orc.

A band of Warsong had set up camp just over the ridge, the swath of earth that had been made by the Worgs was enough of a tell. She’d been following them for a few hours from downwind, waiting for them to stop when fortune smiled on her; The raiding party split up, the majority heading down the road while a few turned off into a small copse of trees to make camp for the night. Riding at the front had been Og’roc, chief bounty on the board back at the Wor’gol tavern.

Eliena [Art post!]

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So, earlier this year Eliena asked me to do a commission of her Draenei. I finally finished in this last weeked. Hooray!

My Christmas Present!

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So, Lirriel's a saint and got a commission done for me for christmas from Echo/Lorith/et al. THANK YOU.

Lirriel told me to share this with you

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I am Deckard Cain the Elder

Had an interesting bug in Kara last night

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Rememberance Event for the Gilnean Exodus

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(( More info behind the break))


Roranicus Pondicus

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This is my new raiding partner, Rory!

Character Bust Commissions!

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Ladies and Gentlefolks, I've decided to open up commisions!  Info below the break~

[Art] Character busts

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Sometimes I draw, sometimes I then experiment with paint. Some of you have probably seen these posted elsewhere, some of you probably haven't seen them at all! So I am posting them here. I may or may not open up small commission slots so you guys can maybe snag a few just like this if you want them :)

[Raksasha] And So I Run

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(( Many photos with text behind the break! ))

[Raksasha] To Flee

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Clothes and potions were hastily thrown into bags while her hooves made divots in the already worn wooden floor of the small flat. Trinkets lay scattered about the floor from her mad rush, fragments of clay from a Telaari teapot lay haphazardly in front of the crooked table where it used to sit, a wood carved figurine of a Draenei huntress and her Sporebat lay on it’s back, but she didn’t care.

She had to go. Somewhere. Anywhere.

RIP Serpent Spread

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On this day, January 11, 2011, the Survival Hunters of World of Warcraft had something great taken from them by the cruel, cruel devs.

Serpent Spread now affects up to Four Targets.

The rest of the patch notes are here

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