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“Are you certain you wish to do this, child?” Varduun asked as he drew his elekk to a halt, letting Alynore slide off first. Her boots landed in the omnipresent red dust of Hellfire Peninsula, kicking up a cloud that the constant wind dashed away.

Chapel Visit

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Song yawned and turned a few circles in the chapel garden, settling down for a nap. The fox flipped her fluffy tail over her face while Aerie entered the small building.


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Charging into combat to bring the Light’s justice on enemies wasn’t hard. Heart-pounding and scary at times, but not hard to make herself do. Sometimes it was terrifyingly too easy a solution.

Reacting to an enemy threat or a danger, or someone bringing harm to her friends, that wasn’t hard, either. Nore could lash out too quickly, when her temper ignited. She fit the redhead stereotype that way.


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Alynore hammered on the door, waiting. She heard movement inside, and muffled voices. Finally, Rhiswyn opened the door, plucking at her silk robe. “Commander?”

Patron Familias (Part Three)

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((Continued from Part 1 and Part 2))

Stormwind, Mallorey Estate
Alynore finally gets back to Stormwind via portals and makes her way to the Mallorey manor, Venner's notes and Elsbeth's old journal stuck in her bag. She’s still in civilian clothes as she hammers on the door. It opens immediately. “Good evening, Commander,” the doorman says. “His Lordship is expecting you. If you will follow me.”

Patron Familias (Part Two)

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((Continuing from Part 1))

The ghost cackles and screams. Nore's shield slams into one of the apparitions while her sword cuts through the ship's ectoplasmic hull. She grins and swings again, Light arcing off her weapons and reflecting on her armor.

Then her commstone beeps.

The Experimenter

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Alynore pulled off her gloves and rubbed her eyes. The day had been long, and tomorrow wasn’t going to be any shorter. She washed off soot and grease, her brain turning over to try and figure out what, exactly, she was doing wrong when it came to adjusting that old data core to accept simple vocal commands.


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He waited.

Why wasn’t she awake?

No More Marigolds

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She’d come to love the marigolds that covered Pandaria’s landscape.

[Alynore] Shut Up

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I grew up fighting orcs and demons. I did my small part against the Scourge. I stood with my friends against rampaging elements, crazy cultists, and the end of the world. I finally learned to heal through the Sha, Zandalari, and Mogu.

[Alynore] Flame

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Tiny fire and smoke creatures danced for her amusement.

[Rhiswyn] The Argent Puzzle

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“What business needs to pull every record?” The Hearthglen clerk frowned, trying not to let his eyes wander when Rhiswyn leaned forward, straining her low-cut shirt.

[Rhiswyn] The Game

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((All Jörmund's fault. It's Rhis, so warning for mild sexual references.))

Rhiswyn Linder simply was not used to being told “no.”

Report: The Rhane Family Shield [Dragoon plot!]

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A copy of Alynore's latest report makes its way to the Bards...

[Arkav] Shrooms

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((Ark's contribution to the "Favorite Foods July" prompt, with a twist! 55 words))