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[Rhiswyn] Lunch Date

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“Hello, Daddy!” Rhiswyn dropped a kiss on Jarren Linder’s bald head before stepping to the seat on the other side of the table. Sunlight filtered through the trees surrounding the Blue Recluse’s patio. A lunchtime waiter took her drink order and left them with menus. “Did you have a good trip?”

[Rhiswyn] Night Work

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((I've been told I ought to crosspost. Lazy people not wanting to go to Haven! Mature for sexual situations. It IS Rhiswyn!))

[Blossom] The Halfhill Adventure

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Blossom's Avatar!Blossom was B-O-R-E-D!

[Alynore] Watching Innocence

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Tumbler in hand, I watch the orphans play. They never fail to amaze me with their imaginations, their easy laughter, and their trusting smiles. They have all the reasons there are to be angry and bitter, to lash out at the world. To be fair, some do, but not all the time. Mostly, they are just children, playing in the Square.

[Daevra] Sorrow Mornings

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Pre-morning, the world is a hazy green until the sun pulls over the trees, burning orange.    
She sits on a hill that hugs the Harborage, leaning on her gryphon’s pale flank.

[Alynore] Blood in the Air (Henii Plot)

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Despite Halfhill being a center of commerce, its people were “country folk” and didn’t approve of late nights when there was work on the morrow. A few adventurers and brewery workers continued swapping stories in the tavern, but otherwise, the Tillers’ homes were darkening.

[Arkav] Master and Apprentice

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Scribble twisted through the mushroom stalks as the inevitable moisture seeped into Arkav’s clothes and hair. He’d almost forgotten how wet Zangermarsh could be.

[Aerella] Where We Met

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((For the "Favorite Places June" writing prompt))

“This is my brother, Commer,” Lormar said. Life choices had made the twins less identical. Commer was heavier with muscle, wore his blond hair short, and kept a trimmed beard. His green eyes danced as he looked Aerie over, sliding into the seat next to hers.

[Alynore] Frustration (55 words)

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She paced.
Vellum, inks, and arcane-dusted tomes covered the table.
Her toolkit waited by the disassembled record player.

Mother, Part 3 (Final)

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Elwynn Forest, Present Day…

“How exactly did you do that?” Lirriel asked, watching Aerella wrangle both Lirriel’s infant and Cerwis’ toddler, getting both diapers changed and clean clothes on in the time it took Lirriel to clear the table and put lunch’s remnants away.

Mother, Part 2

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Elwynn Forest, roughly 20 years ago…

“Light help me,” Aerella muttered at the virtual caravan approaching the little farm, her mother in the lead, head held high as she examined the tiny cabin, its garden, the small barn out back and the rented out fields. The neighbor’s farm hands paused in their work to eye the wagon and pack mules coming up the short lane.

Mother, Part 1

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Brill, somewhere between 45 and 50 years ago…

It’s one of those days, Moirina realized as her headache intensified.

Drake Wrangling and Pile Drivers (4-24 RP Log)

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The blackened form dropped onto the snow next to him. The protective ice cracked and burst away, revealing Firie’s stolen, grinning face. Arkav reeled back, staring. “Ch-chuckles.”

[Arkav] Proximity

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Dun Morogh’s snow was blinding while the cold air stole breath after the warm embrace of Ironforge’s interior. Arkav shivered and drew his cloak closer as he strode up the narrow mountain path.

[Arkav] Mistified (Finale)

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((Please mind that there's a trigger warning for this last installment. It gets worse before it gets better...This is the final part of Ark's backstory that's been rattling in my head since I unexpectedly rolled him.))