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How Blossom Found Day-Lady

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((Written for Haven's "Backstory April" challenge. And cuz I needed to write something else that was light and ended well. Also, Blossom.))

Blossom has his own avatar!Once there was a pretty wildkin with the sweetest voice for hooting. She didn’t like how angry all of her friends had become; she only wanted to sing for the moons and hunt for her food.

[Arkav] Shattered

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“Yer fired,” Fergun Goldweaver grunted, arms crossed as he glared up at the bewildered Arkav.

[Arkav] Angrathar

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His knees and hands hit the snow at the same time, the vomit quickly following. Blue drops of blood dripped from a deep gash on his cheek.

[Arkav] Here We Go Again...

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Once again, Arkav's scrawly handwriting is delivered--to pretty much anyone in the Meddlers this time, not just the leadership.

Firie, the mute human mage, is corrupted by multiple Sha.

[Arkav] Burnt

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The metals sang as the hammer struck the glowing adamantite, the vibrations rolling up the wiry muscles of his arms and shivering out over his body.

From Arkav: Sha Trouble in Ironforge

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This letter would appear in the mailboxes of all the Bards, and the priests and shamans, as the spiritual/mental healers.

Fellow Meddlers,

[Alynore] A Better Question

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The Question

[Lirriel] Hovering

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Two more months, give or take a couple weeks. Two more months of my husband, my sister, my mother, my Shan’do, my friends just hovering over me, worried about “my condition.”

I’m just pregnant. Difficulty is common.

[Aerella] Northern Hunt III: Lifeblood

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Shattered rocks littered the torn ground of the Lifeblood Pillar. Pained earth elementals still clattered angrily along barren ridges. The tracks they had followed across the Basin led to a ravine cut between the hunched Pillar remnants, large cat tracks merging with worg and worgen prints, coming and going from a jagged cave yawning under the rocks.

Trap, Jeor pressed into Aerella’s mind.

“Obviously. Do we have any choice?”

[Daevra] Exhale

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It began gradually.

Daevra sat in the dark, legs drawn up to her chest, her head resting on her knees. If she could just fold tight enough, maybe the flurry of emotions would be scrunched small enough to stop hurting so much.

[Alynore] Jumbled

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It seemed impossible, huddled in this little outpost tower north of the ruins. Arcane radiation interfered with the guild stone communications, but many Dragoons were making their check-ins and heading to the rendezvous.

Nore watched Wes sleep next to the solid ghost of his worg. She still wasn’t sure that the ghost wasn’t a temporary construct from the excessive energies still crackling through the air, a shared hallucination formed into a symbol of shared loss and pain.

She hoped that Reave was back permanently. It would break Wes’ heart to lose the worg again. Especially since they still weren’t sure of Skipper’s fate; the foul-mouthed parrot hadn’t been seen since Northwatch.

[Daevra] Held Breath Moment

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The stormy winds calm as the western sky brightens. The sun is a molten gold disk, merging into the red and orange horizon, reflected by the ocean waters. Waves rise and fall, as steady as a heartbeat.

As steady as the drum beats echoing in my memories of shattered pink crystals, silvery forests filled with smoke, the cold haze of the marsh where we huddled, trying to live while waiting to die.

[Aerella] Northern Hunt, Part II

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((Continuing from here))

Into the Jungle

The afternoon sun finally appeared over Sholazar Basin, light splashing through the thick green canopy. Rainwater caught on plants and stones sparkled. Aerella was already saddle-sore; her guide had decided they could leave the Nesingwary camp once the rain had gone from torrential downpour to light misting earlier that morning. They followed an ancient road winding along the south rim of the valley toward the broken Lifeblood Pillar.

[Aerella] Northern Hunt

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An Old Friend

“I had that dream again,” Madi said, looking over the balcony rail down to the river that ran alongside Amberpine.

Across the table, Aerella sipped her tea. “It’s not unusual, Madi. What happened to Tav was terrible, but I’m here now.” She reached across the table to grip her friend’s hand. Madi smiled sadly as she squeezed Aerie’s hand in return.

15 Year Challenge: Dreaming of Change

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((Speculative entry for Anushin's 15 year challenge on RP Haven, with a possible future for Lirriel. More may follow in this thread; feel free to add your own! Borrowing from Cerwis' 15 year blog. The basic premise is: Where might your character(s) be in 15 years?))

Young voices rose in laughter outside. Lirriel peeked through the sitting room curtains. Her three ruffians were greeting their cousin Sameth, thinking they were being sly about sneaking treats.