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Snippets III [Alynore]

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1. Friend
    My best friend is hurting, and there’s nothing I can say or do to help. Just a few hours ago, we were laughing and joking on the docks with everyone else at Tailn’s party. Everything changed so quickly when that alarm went off.
    Someone hurt my friend. Someone is going to pay.

Snippets II [Alynore]

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10. Sleepy
    A tired soldier is a danger to the team. Asking for stimulants to keep going when one’s already dangerously close to falling asleep during the weekly unit briefing is plain stupid. There was no way the Angels would have granted the request—not with the Judiciary in the Infirmary. Nore simply put her foot down, and ignored the amused look on Harrigan’s face when she ordered Corporal Brennan to delegate the investigation and get a full night’s sleep.

Snippets [Alynore]

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((Gilly's fault. I only had one and half of these done before the...incident at Wendy's! ;) There may be more based on the new 50 word list later, or a compilation post like last time.))

    Nore liked the place where the mountains met the sea; safely away from the water, but she had to admit that the view was amazing. The sky was aflame as the sun slid into the equally burning sea. In the trees, the birds’ song faded, while the crickets in the grass took up the melody. The White Lady drew herself over the horizon to join the brightening Blue Child. Stars peeked through the clouds as the light cooled and darkened.
    Today was over; tomorrow was a new beginning.

Defending the Temple

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The wind screams over white dunes and frozen bones.

Stormwind Morning

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I am weak, and so commissioned another picture from Lorith, this time for myself. Under the cut!

Carol of the Meddlers

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Vasily stepped up to the front of the Aerie Peak meeting room, his gaudy red sweater blaring against the fireplace. "Alright, is time for meeting beginning, first with briefing! Weather outside is being most frightful, but inside here is most delightful! So, as azerothians are saying, let it be snowing!

Blossom and Pebble: The Great Hallow's End Adventure

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Candy! Blossom had discovered that it was a very simple thing to reach into the many buckets around the city and get a whole clawful of sweet, tasty chocolates, mints, tarts, and devilish taffy that made beaks stick together.

This haul, from the mask-wearing children scattered around the Gilnean fairground, included a hard, rock-like candy that hurt to try to bite through. He looked around the assembled Meddlers at the great hot bonfire near the giant strawman.

Blossom vs. Cat

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Life just wasn't fair to small moonkins, Blossom decided, beak resting on his balled up paws while he watched Day-Lady feed the cat.

The cat she was raising to monster proportions, big enough to snap up small fluffy wildkin just like that.

Something, he determined, would have to be done.

[Daevra] Memorial

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((Following Until the Shadows Disappear))

It feels like a weight has lifted, while the heaviness of guilt for thinking such things presses on me.

My father has passed on; with a dear friend's help, he has been guided back to the Light and those who went before him. His illness was long and difficult. The release from his Broken mortal body is a relief.

But that doesn't mean this little girl can't miss her papa.

[Daevra] Vigil

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Death is not usually so frightening.

It takes a long time to come to one of our people, but it does come. Too often with violence; sometimes with illness. Age is an odd thing, with so much suspension between worlds and our inherent magic granting us long lives. Even so, few seem “old” except perhaps the Holy Prophet. Even he is not infirm, the Light's grace granting him the strength to guide our people.

[Daevra] The Letter

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Daevra shifted on her hooves before the mailbox. She tried very hard to keep her guilty feelings out of the Meddler's Link by focusing on the crowds gathered for lunch on the Blue Recluse's patio.

Her efforts to get more information from Ahmik had been fruitless. He knew something about the baker, but wouldn't tell Daevra no matter how she asked. If Sasha was hiding something, Daevra didn't know the right questions to ask her elders to find out what it was; they all had much more practice covering their tails than she did. Fine; let Sasha have her secrets, but she had no right to begrudge Daevra her own, then. Assuming she ever had any that didn't involve Sasha.

Blossom Tries to Help

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((Image heavy! Mouseover text included.))

Blossom was bored.

Day-Lady had teleported them to the Exodar, with its shiny crystals and cold metal. While it was fun to hear the echoes—especially in empty corridors where even a small hoot could reverberate loudly!--the little moonkin mostly found it too hard and noisy, even more than Stormwind and Ironforge, with all their stone.

[Daevra] Simply Waiting

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Daevra clasped her hands around her mug and listened to the buzz of the Exodar's market. The crowd ebbed and flowed around the table without her seeing individuals, or anyone seeing her. She was always amazed at how the larger the crowd, the lonelier one felt.

Last Word

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Lirriel looked at the puppies playing among the heated rocks, tumbling over one another and their mother's feet as both heads nipped at each other.

"NO." Drauglos said firmly.

Blossom's Day Out

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((This is Henii's fault. And Cerwis'. My auto summon for my hatchling keeps bugging when I 'port somewhere, so the current theory is Blossom is off having adventures on his own. There may be more later.))

Day-lady was cooing over the Happy Man again; Blossom figured she couldn't get in much trouble (Elune knew how she'd taken care of herself before he'd come along!), so he toddled off to see if he could find Rasheek for more lessons. It was important to grow up to be as big and fluffy as possible, and Rasheek was a good teacher for that.

Blossom was certain he knew the way.