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Saturday Blackrock Foundry, 6:30 PM MDT, May 16th

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Smashy smashy!

Sunday Blackrock Foundry, 6:30 PM MDT, May 17th

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Blackrock weekend again. Are people interested in practicing Thogar, master of trains? Or would you prefer Oregorger, devourer of metals?

Darlain's Love advice column

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Greetings, Ironforge Gazette!


Edward Dushald

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At the request of my brother, I Victoria Dushald, commander of the 14th Alliance Research and Development Expedition, have taken responsibility f

Saturday Blackrock Foundry, 6:30 PM MDT, May 9th

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Chest tokens!


 Janyice, Protection Warrior

Sunday Blackrock Foundry, 6:30 PM MDT, May 10th

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Delicious progression!

Thanatos' Gambit: Prologue

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The fires of the underground camp burned a sickly green, casting an otherwordly glow upon the shadow council coven.

The Mirror Considers

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Blood red clouds swirled around like an inky mist, kicking up even more red dust from the ground. Which trembled from the green orcs stampeding in a blood lust, the curdled screams of draenei being slaughtered resonating from all directions.

But it was just a memory.

Asharin frowned sitting on a rock as the turmoil boiled around her, these long dead memories only served to anger her, she felt no fear from these monsters.

Saturday Normal Highmaul, 6:30 PM MDT May 2

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We're going to smash normal highmaul nice and easy this week. Alts welcome if they meet the old requirements. If you see Nicholai, apply peer pressure to convince him to sign up!

Sunday Blackrock, 6:30 PM MDT May 3rd

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More Flamebender practice! I will not be on until later in the evening, as it is my Avenger's day.

A Dar birthday present

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A Letter

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Attention Silver Dragoon Leadership,

A few days past I happened to stumble upon Jormund Rhane in far eastern Nagrand while handling some work duties. He was fairly injured and had been poorly treated by his ‘captors’. It was only decent to liberate him and provide him safe escort to the Ring of Trials where we both wait for your arrival to reclaim him.

The Exchange

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The camp was on alert, the warriors standing at attention with weapons drawn. They watched as Alynore rode up on Tenacity, the charger’s wings of Light flaring and keeping them away. The other Dragoons waited a few yards behind. More Dragoons and Meddlers waited in the hills for the Commander’s signal. Nore dismounted, Tenacity pawing the ground. She glanced up as the shadow of a large bird passed overhead.

She stood in her heavy armor, wearing her weapons, straightening her tabard, and waiting on Og’roc to step forward. He had agreed to the ritual of exchange, trading Jormund for a much higher priority prisoner—the Commander of the Silver Dragoons. There was ceremony here for the orcs, almost sacred in how it was meant to play out.

[Dragoon Event] Lyn Steals a Human or: How She Adopted a Puppydin

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Nagrand sweetgrass had a very pungent, although overall pleasant, smell when crushed underfoot. It was much, much less pleasant mixed with the smoke of a campfire and the ripe smell of unwashed Orc.

A band of Warsong had set up camp just over the ridge, the swath of earth that had been made by the Worgs was enough of a tell. She’d been following them for a few hours from downwind, waiting for them to stop when fortune smiled on her; The raiding party split up, the majority heading down the road while a few turned off into a small copse of trees to make camp for the night. Riding at the front had been Og’roc, chief bounty on the board back at the Wor’gol tavern.

Garrison Notice

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On the notice board at the Silver Dragoon main garrison...

((Image under the cut!))