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A Mother's Legacy: Final

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Shenrel walked away from the dead orc.

A Mother's Legacy: Part 5

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The prey could not outrun him forever

Glum Contemplation

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NIrahsa stared down at her mug as she sat in the small inn. Her tail swung back and forth slowly even as the bustle of soldiers and workers taking some R&R happened around her. For the first time she could recall she was questioning something she’d built, a frown upon her lips as her mind worked. That mug of mead before her was completely untouched.

Sunday Blackrock, 6:30 PM MDT March 29th

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I like trains I like trains I like trains

UPDATE: Preliminary roster updated!

Saturday Blackrock, 6:30 PM MDT March 28th

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UPDATE: Preliminary Roster updated!

Blackrock Night one will be Gruul and other bosses in the slagworks. Night two will be Beastmaster, and trains!

Risha Weapons Test

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((Meant to post this like a month ago))

Nirahsa, Delnar and Keval crested the small hill which overlooked the small test area they had put together for Risha. The large walker stopped behind them with clank, photoreceptors scanning the area which consisted of mock ups of horde soldiers and vehicles. From grunts to Ironstar throwers, they weren’t operable since the idea was simply to create a facsimile.

“Scanning, ill maintained Iron Horde arms and munitions,” The walker boomed.

[Jonars] Extinguish the Flame

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What happened to the hunter after the pray was caught? What happened to the fire when there was no more fuel? What happened to a cause when finished?

A Mother's Legacy: Part 4

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This time the element of surprise was Shenrel’s.

Time Alone

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The letters were packed in small envelopes, each marked with the distinctive lettering of her half hearted script.

Sunday Highmaul, 6:30 PM MDT, March 22nd

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This will be our last scheduled Highmaul night for a while, as a large portion of the raid team is chomping at the bit for pushing farther into Blackrock. Make the best of it!

Saturday Blackrock Foundry, 6:30 PM MDT, March 21st

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Not 100% sure I'll be available; it's moving time for me!

Shadows in the Valley, Part 3

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“This is a terrible idea,” Yshul said as Rhiswyn used the enchanted trinket. A Shadowmoon orc suddenly replaced the half-elf; even her clothes were enchanted to look like a shaman’s robe.

“Quite probably, dear, but choices are limited,” Rhiswyn said. Her voice was gruffer than normal, which could only help the disguise. It had been two days since her Light-fire had burned a chunk of the Blademoon Bloom, and the smoke—and likely the screaming—had affected her throat. “We need to get to the bottom of this. Hatchlings have died, and the children could be next.” When Rhiswyn had brought back her samples of the berries, D’lina had told her about the hatchlings. Several of the children were getting worse. The berries were waiting for testing in stasis while Rhiswyn searched for the next probable source.

A Mother's Legacy: Part 3

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There was an arrow sticking out of Shenrel’s stomach.

Blackrock Foundry Sunday, March 15th, 6:30 PM MDT

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We're going to spend a bit more time with oregorger this week!