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Saturday Highmaul, March 14th, 6:30 PM MDT

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Smash puny ogres!

A Mother's Legacy: Part 2

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After speaking with Darlain, Shenrel decided to leave a letter to Linu Theillos with an Alliance courier at the Telaar outpost in Nagrand.

A wild Fink painting appears!

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Guys I did a thing please see

Sunday Highmaul, 6:30 PM MST, March 8th

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I want Cho'gall to sign my copy of his book, "Lessons of K'ore".

Explorer Lai : Festival

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Moonglade! Fireworks!

A Mother's Legacy: Part 1

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Shenrel barely had time to brace himself before the barrier collapsed.


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“Well it’s done, I think, yes yes?” Nira stated head quirking to the side as she looked over the machine that stood in front of her. Standing nearly twenty feet in height the machines appearance gave it the look of a Draenei Vigilant crossed with gnomish technology with several appearance traits of Telredor Prime thrown in.

Delnar puffed a cigar beside his own eyes gazing over the machine, “Aye lass, though its effectiveness is still unknown.”

Sunday Blackrock Foundry, 6:30 PM MST March 1st

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Saturday Highmaul, February 28th, 6:30 PM MST

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Two options: Normal as far as we can go, OR Heroic Kargath and Butcher attempts.


Shadows in the Valley, Part 2

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The beauty of Blademoon Bloom was not lost on the half-elf priest cautiously navigating along the streams and down the flowery paths into the heart of the growth. The dangers inherent were not to be ignored, either.

Rhiswyn had already been warned about the large pink flowers that would emit a noxious gas to put someone to sleep, to await pick up by the botani. Fireflies moved in languid arcs through the air, focused around short pillars lining the pathways. In the shadows off the trail, mandragora hissed and splashed in the water. The air was thick and heady with floral smells and spore bursts, and the loamy scent of fertile earth.

Visitor [AU Ivi]

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Explorer Lai : Sidetracked

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"I had heard that there was an elder that might be able to tell me stories about Pandaria before the Sundering, in a little village outside Darnassus. So, off I went!

Shadows in the Valley, Part 1

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Moons and planets glowed overhead, making the smooth road as brightly lit as any day. Rhiswyn lounged in the back of the trader’s wagon, enjoying the ride as she watched the sky. She had been wanting to see the Draakorium and its fey drakes for weeks now, and this time while her darling was off in Auchindoun seemed perfect for such distractions.

The wagon pulled up short, the talbuks suddenly snorting and pawing as the old trader tried to calm them. Rhiswyn sat up and looked at the road ahead. A barricade and guard in leather armor stood in the way, an apologetic look on his broad blue face. “Sorry, friends. I cannot allow you into the Draakorium. There is a sickness here.”


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Jormund sat in front of the shield, giving it one last look. He could clearly see his ancestors filling up the room. Probably the draenei priests could see them too… maybe, maybe not.