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Mason Kohler

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General Information

Name: Mason Kohler

Age: 27 years

Explorer Lai : Darnassus

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Sunday Blackrock Foundry, 6:30 PM MST

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Future weeks will feature a mix of highmaul and blackrock, but this week we're going in hard!

Saturday Blackrock Foundry, 6:30 PM MST

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The siege of the Blackrock Clan begins!


 Alynore, Protection Paladin

Did they just take Bel again?

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            He tried to shake the cobwebs out of his head as he clicked the line open on his comm stone.

The Ritual

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Auchindoun. The City of the Dead for draenei.

[Moon'ori] Something for the Trip

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Moon'ori gazed at the Dark Portal nervously. It was her first assignment ever it was okay for her to be nervous right? She`d be a fool if she didn`t felt like that...

Sunday Highmaul, Saturday February 15th, 6:30 PM MST

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Update: All the signups are for sunday, so let's roll out!

[Lai-Ning]Little Thoughts...

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Every so often, something odd occurred in her little head.

It could be in the middle of studying….during a meeting…..or even if she was just climbing into bed at night.

[Gozo] Treats for Friends: The Fireclaw Sisters

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The garrison was quiet at this time of night. Most of the Dragoons were fast asleep in their bunks, no doubt exhausted from the day’s events. Draenor was a very beautiful planet, but that beauty was only skin deep as right below the surface were fierce challenges that natives and visitors endured daily. While Gozo had only encountered a few of these challenges on his trips to the Elodar fields to do trade with the farmers he heard plenty from those coming back from the farthest reaches of Draenor.

What if Dolraan lived long enough to become the villain?

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((This is a "What if?" piece I wrote after receiving the tumblr prompt "What if Dolraan lived long enough to become the villain." Enjoy!))

[Gilberte] Wild: The Leslie Brenton Story

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After finally cajoling Annelise into slumber with almost an hour’s worth of stories about Yogi the cat’s adventures in Daddy’s garrison, Gilly slunk back to her own bed and its own little cocoon of blankets. Ordinarily, she would have preferred a bubble bath with a nice glass of red wine on the side, but the winter climes made even heated baths somewhat less than comfortable and even worse, there was no Llane around to tease. So, instead, she poured herself a glass of warm cider and piled herself into the blankets.


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Change of plans, we're finishing Highmaul!


Saturday Highmaul, February 7th, 6:30 PM MST

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Night 1 targets to be determined, but I know Tectus is on the list. Input in comments for who drops what you need!