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Abandoned [T-still]

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I promise I'll be back in time, Anny. Don't worry!

Hunting Hunteres Hunted

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Spilled Coffee

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Her fingers wouldn’t curl around the handle of the mug. Her hand jerked as she tried to compensate, and the cup tipped over. The smaller, lighter troop models swept across the representation of Nagrand in a tide of coffee.

Application for membership

The Silver Dragoons Application


Updated; What's up with Raiding?

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Hi there folks! It's been a few weeks since WoD hit, and the raids have begun opening, so I suppose it's time to figure out what it is we're doing!

Personal Drogar stuff

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Family stuff below the break. 

Family From Another Time [AU Ivi]

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(( Henii bumped into AU Ivi finally.))

Something Big

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Nirahsa’s tail gave a happy swish as she rolled the newly finished schematic up. She shoved the roll of paper into her satchel before springing to her hooves and heading out of her room. One part of her mind knew that this could wait until morning, but the other part was eager to get things underway.  Especially since she now had a team to help build things!

The Overlook

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Just when I thought Draenor had no other changes. Freaking Botani.

The mages' enraged, pained screams will stick in my head awhile.

I wanted to.

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There was a noise, a new noise.  Cracking as I watched the ogres head turn slightly.  His large body slumpped and fell, lifeless to the floor.

Pawprints and echos

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Tyrion Falstaad

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General Info
Name: Tyrion
Age: 24
Gender: Male


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Duvaan returned to his home with a defeated expression on his face. What a cruel joke fate played on him, sending these outsiders from another world here.


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((Ended up as a follow-up to "Tongue Tied" given timing...Takes place pre-Portal rushing))

Nore watched as Daevra finished the engravings on a pair of truegold bands. Normally, the commander would have asked Harrigan—but his injuries were going to keep him from such detail work for some time, and the push through the Portal was coming any day now.

Beginnings, Ill-Omens, and Boats *Final*

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When the Iron Horde had first made landfall, Shenrel and other druids had been sent to the frontlines immediately.