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Amelia's Disappearance: Part 4 - Beyond the Portal

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(Malavis the Insane)

The Tanaan Coastline

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The Alliance ships steamed through the waves as they crashed against the hull. Nirahsa stood near where the prow would normally be but this transport ship lacked. Instead of a prow the vessel had a large wooden ramp reinforced with steel. The ship was a smaller transport ship intended to transport steam tanks and drop them off in hot spots along the shore.

Fel cannon fire thundered in the distance as they approached their destination, the Tanaan coastline. Even as the cannonballs whistled by several seconds later to splashing into the water and sending up acrid smoke as the fel fire continued to try and burn.


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“I’m sorry,” my paladin says again, offering another sand pear. I can’t resist the treat, so I take it from her hand, crunching on the sweet fruit, enjoying the juices and grainy texture. It’s a nice distraction from the pain.

[Cui-Fen & Tai] Punkin'

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Leaves tumbled from trees surrounding the fields Cui-Fen was working in, carpeting the small harvest of pumpkins the shaman had coaxed out of the earth before the weather changed.

Sitting on the grass just past the field, on a small checkered blanket, Tai -had- been watching her Mama work….but, as toddlers were apt to do, had gotten distracted with the leaves and her toys

Saturday Hellfire Iskar and Beyond, 6:30 PM MDT, October 3rd

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I'm back baby! Show me how it's done! Bring your mains for best progression slayage!


Sunday Hellfire, Skittles to Gorefiend, 6:30 PM MDT October 4th

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It's the early content, alts are welcome within reason!

A Cold Meeting

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The north peak of Ironforge was cold, snowy, and isolated. Brewfest was miles down the mountain, and the airstrip was another few miles away in the other direction. Alynore flew Tenacity along the mountaintop, until they found a clump of rocks among the sparse trees, a cloaked figure standing by them, sheltered from the wind.

Tenacity landed, but did not dissipate or fly away as Nore dismounted. The charger pawed the ground and snorted, vapor blowing from her armored nose. Nore looked around and headed for the cloaked figure, weapons ready.

Raid Saturday Sept 26 6:30pm Realm time!

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Fink said he would do it, but he's a silly, too. Not as silly as Drogar, though. You know what to do~

(Also possibly gratuitous "look at new icon from Kissy arts" opportunity).

Raid Sunday Sept 27 6:30pm Realm time!

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Because Drogar is a silly. You know the drill!

Vindicator Surprise!

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Nirahsa’s tail swished back and forth energetically as the tinkerer leaned over her workshop bench.  A smile upon her face while using a torch to melt small ropes of silver in place. Hands steadily moving to keep from using to much upon the metal pot. Putting the last touches in, Nira flicked the torch off and set it aside before stepping back to admire her work.

[Meya] Gone Fishin'

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Saturday Hellfire Citadel, 6:30 PM MDT, September 19th

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We will be starting past the first two encounters tonight, with the goal of reaching and beating Gorefiend.


Sunday Hellfire Citadel, 6:30 PM MDT, August 20th

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Iskar? Socrethar? Who knows how far we can get! See you there!