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Skipping Stones part 4

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Continued from Part Three, begun at Part One


She was seventeen, and it was too much.


[Rhianon] Love

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Rhianon wasn’t sure how long she had been walking - or if she was going in circles. Each tree, gnarled and dripping with shadows, ran into the next; each barely visible path that appeared before her vanished by the time she rounded the next bend. Everything looked the same. Even the darkened figures, staring out at her from in between the tree trunks, seemed to repeat, one blank face no different than the next.

[Nirahsa] Mending Broken Fragments

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((Hopefully this bit makes sense, really wanted to include the elemental familiars so I'm hoping they don't feel too forced.))

“What’s your name girl,” The dark skinned man asked gruffly even as his fingers ran through his beard eyeing the tall stranger in front of him. Most of Nirahsa’s skin lay hidden behind armor including her face which was obscured by a helm and cloth mask covering the lower portion of her face. Only her soft glowing eyes could be seen, eyes that looked vengeful and hurt at the same time.

“Name unimportant, yes yes,” She replied back in broken common while glancing around warily, the winds of hellfire peninsula picked up a moment tossing more red sand in the air. It was just her, the human and his small like-minded escort. The small fat one was supposedly called a dwarf, but just looked like a human that’d been sat on by an elekk to her.

[Paxton] Epilogue

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It had not been a dream.


[Yi-Ze]Harsh Lesson

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Shrieks rip through the air.
Slumbering bodies jerk awake in panic.
Only I run through the camp
Knocking the bowl of water away
Scattering the images.

Siege Flex raid night 2, Sunday September 22, 6:00 PM

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Update: We're at sixteen now! Not too shabby!

What night 2? Either start over, or continue where we left off, we can do -either-!

[Brionagh] Introduction

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If you have a moment to stop and hang out 

Siege of Orgrimmar Flex, Saturday September 21, 7:00 PM MDT

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Update: Wow, we're up to twenty now!

Our first foray into the Siege of Orgrimmar, in FLEX mode! Two tanks, and then probably around a 3:1 to 4:1 ratio of healers to damage-dealers.

Gear requirements will be: An average item level of 496, with a weapon(s) that is(are) at least 476. Enchants and gems are also required, but YOU CAN ASK US FOR THEM! is the place to go to figure out how to best gem, enchant, and reforge your character!

Don't forget to spend 50 lesser charms on your warforged seals for bonus rolls!

[Paxton] Leaving Town

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The contents of his apartment neatly packed into boxes, Paxton looked at the letter from the Argent Crusade again. They had set a date for his so-called “trial” in Hearthglen; it was two weeks away, but the leadership requested that he present himself within the next week to get a headstart on the paperwork. There was a promise of temporary quarters in Hearthglen - at least until the conclusion of the trial.

[Rhaala-55W] Strength of Heart

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The humming needle pressed into her skin.

Over and over, black ink left behind.

[Nirahsa] Smile, 55 Words

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Little Shari

When you were born

Remember Theramore 9-21

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"Vengeance cannot be a part of what we must do. If we allow our passions to turn to bloodlust, then we will become as vile as the orcs."
- Uther Lightbringer to Arthas Menethil.

The Harvest Festival, a time of remembrance for fallen heroes, has come again; the Alliance recalls the deeds of Uther the Lightbringer, and the Horde looks to the redemption of Grom Hellscream. However, these days "Hellscream" is not a name that brings to mind redemption or honor.

[Venner] Conversation in Shadow

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(( Co-written with Gilly! ))


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He waited.

Why wasn’t she awake?

[Nirahsa] Trying to Preserve Innocence

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I smiled brightly moving through Shattrath, Shannar was gone but I had to pick myself back up. For Shari if for no other reason, as both of us had lost so much in Shannar but we still had each other. Taking a few more steps towards my new dwelling for when I was in the city anyway. It was then that I heard the gleeful shout and saw the brief glimpse a blue hand waving about along with the white glimpses of her other hand set in a cast.

“Mom! Over here!”