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[Jia / Wes ]: A Dance of Blades and Bullets

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The walls of the Ratchet warehouse Jia had secreted herself away in didn't do much to dampen the booming report of the rifle outside. The explosive round it had launched was even faster.

Skipping Stones part 3

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Continued from Skipping Stones Part Two, begun at Part One 



She was fourteen, and it was too quiet.


Someday Never Comes

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For a moment, Lu awoke with a start, and thought he heard his sister call his name.

[Nirahsa] Shrine and Beyond

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Nira smiled to herself while walking through the shrine with a slight bounce to her step, goggles making a brief whirling sound as she stopped and did a half turn to peer at a device on a nearby table. Pursing her lips briefly realizing she doesn’t have the time to study it the draenei reluctantly turn back around and head towards the exit to the shrine.

Lost: Prologue

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Xillia's presence was certainly appreciated by the Lotus members she was assigned to, as a member of the Alliance she had a bit more clout when purchasing supplies from the Shrine.

[Jia / Wes] Barrens: Groundwork

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Ever since she'd first laid eyes on it, Jia had known that Ratchet was a rather shady sort of place. All of the major Steamwheedle ports were, really; just to varying degrees. Ratchet was by no means the worst, but it was still easy enough to disappear for a bit, to bribe a few of the all-seeing eyes to look the other way for a few hours. This close to Horde Loyalist territory, being able to drop out of sight was a very important thing, indeed.

It was also not cheap.


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Water pool dances and ripples.
Half-formed images teasing my eyes.
Rain distorting the surface
Much harder today...
Must focus on what's impor-
No. No. No.

Skipping Stones part 2

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Continued from Part One at Skipping Stones



She was nine, and it was too early.


Bad Moon Rising

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What bothered Lu the most about this situation wasn’t the fact he was captured by the Horde.

Quincy's Report Card

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((The following was enclosed among Quincy's belongings, addressed to Sir Dolraan and Rhianon.))

Fortunate Son

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Lu Zeitan was, today, considering himself a very for

[Alynore] Shut Up

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I grew up fighting orcs and demons. I did my small part against the Scourge. I stood with my friends against rampaging elements, crazy cultists, and the end of the world. I finally learned to heal through the Sha, Zandalari, and Mogu.

Open Season

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(( So, Paxton is now out for Venner's head, and sending all the thugs in Azeroth after him.

[Talnii] Longing

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Talnii sat at a table in a small café watching this mornings storm. Rain came down in sheets as thunder rumbled angrily in the cloud covered sky.

Portrait of a Predator

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(( The following article appears in the morning editions of the Dalaran Daily News, the Hearthglen Crusader, the Ironforge Daily Hammer, and the Stormwind Evenin