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Water pool dances and ripples.
Half-formed images teasing my eyes.
Sort through all the chaff.
Push away whispering secrets.
Focus on what's important.

Skipping Stones

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She was five, and it was too heavy.

[Gilberte] The Next Move

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Paxton watched, his arms crossed over his chest, as the messenger clad in Crusader regalia disappeared down the street. When the messenger had appeared at the door, he had been more than eager to let him in, hoping for news of another promotion or summons to an important meeting in Hearthglen. Well, there had been a summons alright, but not one that he was expecting.

Fixing up a welcome gift... (Writer´s block activate ¬¬)

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I try not to stumble upon other people as I enter the bank carrying the rather large pile of clothing that Rhiswyn sent me. Next time I should stay quiet about having trouble with clothing.

[Nirahsa] Memento

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With a sigh Nirahsa tossed her spanner onto the workbench. Telredor’s immobile form lay prone upon the table with several components missing. The tinkerer had been going through some of his systems again, just trying to learn more about the machine. As he represented a different her, or at least that’s how Nira felt since his black and white views were just so perplexing to her. As he’d been mostly constructed on Draenor and beyond some snippets she hadn’t been able to recall anything of herself before the crash. So to Nira, Telredor Prime provided that link to her past no matter how elusive it seemed. She kept poking and hoping to stumble upon something that’d have all the answers.

[Jemiri] Ghost Story

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The night found Jemiri wandering the streets of Stormwind. The pale moon shined it's light through the gathering clouds that would soon show the impressiveness of the cities name sake. Normally she would not be out this late at night but a touch at mind, a nudge, a whisper, urged her to walk.

[Gilberte] Nothing Like a Novel

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The afternoon sunlight danced through the boughs of the blossoming trees in the Arboretum, casting moving patterns of light across the grassy earth below. Gilly was curled up next to one of the trees, head resting on one hand and her other hand casually turning the pages of the book on the ground before her. She had two more chapters left in her book; she was attempting to finish it before her weekly trip to the bookshop in Stormwind so she could safely pick out something new to read.

[Nirahsa] Total Annihilation

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The rank of alliance soldiers stood with weapons at the ready, in stark contrast to the rank of orcish grunts that opposed them, each bearing the same identical bloodlust grin upon that green face. While the footmen looked on with a steely gaze, time seeming to hold still as the titanic armies prepared to engage one another. One could almost hear the thundering roars of battle cries, even as the sun seemed to flicker, a massive shadow passing over the troops.

-CANCELLED-Sunday ToT, September 1st 6:00 PM MDT

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Long Weekend raidin'!


Dolraan, Protection Paladin

Saturday Throne of Thunder, August 31, 7:00 PM MDT

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Last ToT before the patch, after this will be a week off (for realsies)


When the Gloves Come Off

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Henii walked with purpose through the halls of her manor, her loose robes billowing behind her long strides.

[Ivi] Hot Spring

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Ivinara let out a heavy sigh as she watched the dark skinned shaman step out of the water and leave Winterspring.

[Lai-Ning]For A Protector

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Magic swirled around her paws, ruffling through her fur as she concentrated on a single point in front of her.

The Artist

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Xillia smiled to herself as she read over what she'd written.


Buts, Ifs, and Maybes

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