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[Alynore] Flame

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Tiny fire and smoke creatures danced for her amusement.

[55W]For Better or Worse

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As dawn's light found them,

together in arms.

[Anechka] Diary of a Dead Chick

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Dear Diary,


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Xillia set the book down on the bedside table, finally giving in to her inability to focus on the words.

[Ivi] Sweet Dreams

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(( Ready for Ivi blogs to make a complete 180° turn? This details some of her time on Draenor and gets mature.))

[Rhiswyn] The Argent Puzzle

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“What business needs to pull every record?” The Hearthglen clerk frowned, trying not to let his eyes wander when Rhiswyn leaned forward, straining her low-cut shirt.

Anwyna Evershine

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General Information

Name: Anwyna Evershine

Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Daiyu Thunderstill

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General Information

Name: Daiyu Thunderstill

Fink the Salesman!

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Image below the break.

How to Destroy a Life

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(( A little mature because, well, Henii and Ivi. ))

Finkswitch and the Goblin Lawyer

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Ivan Blasterbucket, Esq. sat behind his desk, sifting through the small stack of envelopes that came in that morning.

Lu Zeitan

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General Information

Name: Lu Zeitan

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Just a little story

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"Lai-Lai! Lai-Lai"
Tiny blue hands tugged on her robes excitedly.
"Tell us a story, Lai-Lai!"

"Have you learned nothing boy?"

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((Mild violence warning o.o))

[Rhianon] Good Advice

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((Rhia reads Ivi's advice to spiritsham24 in the paper -- original thread here (mature content in the original thread!)--))

Rhianon read the response in the paper while pretending to be busy brushing Quincy in the Alliance camp's stables. She realized, in retrospect, that she could have probably asked Ivinara in person for the same exact answer, but somehow reading it in the paper wasn't quite as embarrassing as having Ivinara say it to her face (and then probably spend the rest of the night teasing her about it).