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Wanted Yet Unwanted, Memories

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The battle raged around me, the screams of kin being killed as civilians fled for their lives. Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion around me. I felt terrified but at the same time a strange confidence also flowed through me. My attire was different, metal plates were strapped to me thighs and arms, heavy leather adorned with all kinds of gizmos and wrenches encompassed my chest. Even though it still bared blue skin where the leather vest met my belt and leggings, with which several tools hung from. My right arm was held up and I felt the weight of a rather large wrench on my shoulder the size of which could have it mistaken as a large mace. Goggles whirled about briefly as they cut through the smoke and fires that burned about.

Sunday ToT, August 18, 6:00 PM MDT

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Six in the evening, NOT SEVEN. Also we almost had a full team last week, so gonna see if we can pull it off this week!


Saturday Throne of Thunder, August 17, 7:00 PM MDT

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With any luck I won't feel absolutely TERRIBLE and will be able to lead you to further victories!


Application: Danah

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General Information

Name: Danah Onyxfoe

[Venner] First-Time Author

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An ancient and deadly mogu artifact…

An unlikely group of heroes…


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Darlain settled herself on her favorite reading chair, happy that her plan had succeeded, a roaring fire would keep her warm as she delved into the secrets Venddeta had retrieved.

[Venner] Busman's Holiday

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[Venner] Between the Lines

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“For Rhaen Goldendawn, of the Farstriders.”

[Venner] Shifting Priorities

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“Blue Team will establish a basecamp just east of the Crossroads.

[55W]Sweet Dreams

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((Tagged for mature, adult content.))

[Gilberte] A Troubling Missive

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((FYI - One brief use of mild language. Also, Marcel ended up not being a nice guy after all. Oh well :p ))


On her way through Dawn’s Blossom to pick up an order of alchemy supplies, Gilly stopped into the the Drunken Hozen to check on her mail and say a quick hello to the proprietor. She had stayed at the small inn nestled in the heart of the Jade Forest during her first few days on Pandaria - and while she didn’t exactly miss the cramped rooms and tavern noise, the Goldendrafts had always been fine hosts. The inn was largely as she remembered it: large kegs of ale lining the walls, warm fires crackling on the braziers, and tiny little benches filled with chubby pandaren clutching mugs of ale.

[Areelan] Sweeping Stormwind

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((Blog of newer character, haven't rped much with her. Wrote this trying to get a sense of her thinking. Struggles and such to some extent.

Areelan pushed the broom against the cobblestone pathway with a soft sigh, pushing away dust, rocks, and the occasional dead rat. The pale white elf was slightly hunched as she worked, wearing a wide brimmed hat even though it was dark out, Elune casting her soft light over Stormwind as the city slumbered. With the occasional citizen passing by casting a glance at the elf, which only earned a brief quirk of a long ear from her, the end of which was slightly discolored.

[Ivi] Day 41

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This world was supposed to be deserted. It was dying and all of its inhabitants had long since fled or passed away, Ivinara wasn't sure which. So why had she heard the clatter of another pair of hooves against the barren land? As she spotted the intruder, her eyes widened and she fell back onto her rear.

Xillia Art!

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I'm really happy about how this turned out! She's exactly as I picture her.

[Venner] Getting His Priorities Straight

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“We can’t be everywhere all the time,” Alynore had said. She’d been right, of course. She usually was.