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[Rhianon] Healer

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Almost ten years to the day after Anchorite Chavah accepted her among the Initiates at the temple of Telredor, Rhianon found herself watching the respected priestess stride across the open courtyard in the pale light of morning. It was strange to her; she had grown accustomed to only seeing the Anchorite from a great distance while she completed the menial duties typically assigned to Initiates. Here, she was only a few paces away, close enough that Rhianon could see the wrinkles in her bleached white robes.

Gone [Ivi]

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Useless. Powerless. It was almost as bad as when she had failed to save her family on Draenor.

Saturday Terrace of Endless Spring, June 29, 7:00 PM MDT

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Hopefully there will be less doom lag for the Edmonton crew!


Never Alone

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Dacianna knelt in prayer within the depths of the Exodar, ears and senses straining to hear a song, face hidden behind her hooded helm, forehead leaning against the crystal-forged hammer that had b

[Anatevka] In Her Shadow

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The morning in Stormwind was winding lazily into the afternoon and I found myself stuck at my desk, staring down a hefty stack of mail. Despite being almost four years removed from my time in the Exodar, the Anchorites seemed to consider it a personal duty to find some reason or another to write me on a daily basis. They occasionally requested advice about a specific passage from one of the historical scrolls or, more often, specific wisdom on a day-to-day matter. The letters I preferred were fewer and farther between: notes from old students sharing news of their lives and their careers. I was awaiting correspondence from one particular student who had been due to have her first child just a few weeks back - and hoped that her letter might be among those before me.

Saturday Terrace, Lei Shi and Sha of Fear, june 22, 7:00 PM MDT

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I was holding off in case of plot, but then I was reminded that Henii works on saturdays. So let's save Lei Shi!

A chink in their armor.

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Darlain yawned as she stepped across the cold stone floor of the tramway, checking her timepiece.

Stress Relief

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((Contains undetailed violence.))


Crack. Crack. Crack.

Fade to Black

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((Fair warning, I didn't go into much detail but the post contains reference to suicide.))

[Daevra] Sorrow Mornings

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Pre-morning, the world is a hazy green until the sun pulls over the trees, burning orange.    
She sits on a hill that hugs the Harborage, leaning on her gryphon’s pale flank.

[Alynore] Blood in the Air (Henii Plot)

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Despite Halfhill being a center of commerce, its people were “country folk” and didn’t approve of late nights when there was work on the morrow. A few adventurers and brewery workers continued swapping stories in the tavern, but otherwise, the Tillers’ homes were darkening.

[Rhianon?] A Father

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Rhellus sat in his workshop on a carved crystal stool, leaning over a large carton of gems. It was a recent delivery from the mainland and he had to count each one, shining pearls and glimmering rubies alike, to make sure that the order had been correctly filled. The work was repetitive and his neck was sore, but he extracted a certain amount of joy from it. Perhaps it was something leftover from his military days, but Rhellus appreciated completeness, organization and confirming everything to its last detail. It would have bothered him if he hadn't taken the time to check the order closely, merely glancing the gems over as so many of his colleagues would do.

[Arkav] Master and Apprentice

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Scribble twisted through the mushroom stalks as the inevitable moisture seeped into Arkav’s clothes and hair. He’d almost forgotten how wet Zangermarsh could be.

[Aerella] Where We Met

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((For the "Favorite Places June" writing prompt))

“This is my brother, Commer,” Lormar said. Life choices had made the twins less identical. Commer was heavier with muscle, wore his blond hair short, and kept a trimmed beard. His green eyes danced as he looked Aerie over, sliding into the seat next to hers.

Saturday Terrace of Endless Spring, June 15, 7:00 PM MDT

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I've been so bad for this, sorry guys! Raid signups go!


Dolraan, Protection Paladin