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Boiling Point

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-About two weeks ago-

Future Foretold

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So...there was a prompt on Tumblr. Descibe a scene in the future for your character(s). I got one for Lai-Ning, and Cui-Fen/Tai. So...posting them here! These are both rather sad so...keep that in mind.

Please make a note...nothing is ever set in stone.

The Past Can Hurt

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She remembered.

The realization was as sudden as the the anger that coursed through her, the disgust that backed up in her throat, the sorrow that welled in her heart. Even the happiness that brought a swish to her tail, as memories of her past came back, one by one.

Saturday Blackrock, 6:30 PM MDT June 13thg

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UPDATE: Looks like people want Blast Furnace! We'll clear farmy stuff tonight and hopefully clear the way for that tomorrow evening. Assuming we get healers (more healers please!)

Sunday Blackrock, 6:30 PM MDT June 14th

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We'll pick up where we left off here.


Saving Dolraan - Garrison Chatlog

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((As before, the logs of Dolraan's healing RP. What happened in the Spirit World while the physical healers and Switch did their thing? That is up to Rhianon and Dolraan to tell...))


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Stalking me everywhere.

Flitting in and out of my gaze. Making my bones shiver. Howling as their blades whistle a blood chorus. Slicing apart dreams, only to release nightmares.

Tea With Reshad

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"So, my friend," Reshad said, pouring tea into Llane's cup, "How have you been keeping since last we met?"


Alt Highmaul Saturday, June 6th, 6:30 PM MDT

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Got an alt with an ilvl of at least 630! Well come on down to normal Highmaul and do some raid content!





Taking Down the Coven

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((Chatlog format again. Mild language warning, Nore gets salty at one point. The assault on the Shadow Council Coven! After capturing the infiltrator in Ft Fordring, it's time to go for his bosses. Fink's probation includes coordinating from mission control, rather than being in the field. Nore, Jonars, and Jia-Lian take some garrison followers and plenty of engineering beacons to a cave in SMV...))


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I drop onto the bed of my borrowed room, shove my face into the pillow, and scream.

The Argent Infiltrator Chatlog

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((Long post, still mostly in chatlog format with some alterations for readability. Unstable gnomes, speechy Nore, Quincy, and some minor language warnings.))

Lasses Love Robots

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   Janosis’ quill skitched across the paper as he made another shorthand note.  Even with what he already knew of binding and what he’d learned by poking at the locket, there was so much to learn about Shedwyn’s phylactery before he could safely detach it from himself and bind her ghost to a golem.  Not to mention he’d never actually made a golem of substantial size before.  Mostly he ran away from them.

[Gilberte] On the Homefront

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Gilly’s eyes flew open. Had she been asleep? She looked around; she was stretched out on their bed, several pillows propped up behind her head and a comforter casually draped over her body. Gilly shook her head as if to shake her thoughts loose. She didn’t remember falling asleep…