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The Adornment of Rhianon

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Feathery white clouds speckled the otherwise clear sky over Stormwind that morning, hints of gray on their plump underbellies promising afternoon rainstorms. Even that ill portent, however, couldn’t dim the sheer brilliance of the morning sunlight or the boisterous bustle filling the streets of the Trade District. A parchment-wrapped pastry clutched in one hand, Rhianon moved among the tradesmen’s booths in the main market area, absently eyeing their wares. She wasn’t shopping for anything in particular, simply letting the pleasures of the cheerful bazaar and the pristine morning clear her mind of any errant worries.

“Baubles! Come get yer baubles and gems! Best cuts in the land!”

Beautiful Release

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Rhianon was standing in the middle of a forest, the soggy ground beneath her spangled with sunlight and shadows. The trees, the flowers, and even the air itself seemed to glow with an inner fire, and she walked among them, her hands running down the trunks of the trees as if to feel the energy itself. Bird songs and animal calls echoed around her, filling the shaman's heart with joy. There was so much peace here, so much happiness.

"You are back again?" a hoarse voice called out from behind her, breaking through the smooth melodies of the forest sounds.

Beaming, Rhianon turned around, nodding to the withered Broken standing behind her. "I came to see you, Sage.”

Blossom's Day Out

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((This is Henii's fault. And Cerwis'. My auto summon for my hatchling keeps bugging when I 'port somewhere, so the current theory is Blossom is off having adventures on his own. There may be more later.))

Day-lady was cooing over the Happy Man again; Blossom figured she couldn't get in much trouble (Elune knew how she'd taken care of herself before he'd come along!), so he toddled off to see if he could find Rasheek for more lessons. It was important to grow up to be as big and fluffy as possible, and Rasheek was a good teacher for that.

Blossom was certain he knew the way.

A Feathery Winter's Veil

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Clouds drifted high above Stormwind in a flat Grey mass letting loose a their puffy white flakes to descend upon the land scape below. Between the snow laden trees of the cities outskirts, a lone figure trudged through the deep drifts of white powder.


{{ Lothan Dragomir }} Before the Ink Dries

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Among the personal possessions of Lothan Dragomir, Gilnean and Worgen-cursed, there is a journal, full of designs and ideas. If was ever read by another’s eyes, they would clearly see the signs of a budding engineer and builder. But occasionally there is an entry that has nothing to do with blueprints or concept maps. These are those entries; stories you may or may not ever hear him speak of.

[Rhianon] An Uncommon Proposal

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Rhianon decided very quickly that she appreciated cosy dwarven hospitality to the cool cheer of Dalaran society.

A few coins tossed onto the counter at the inn in Thundermar got her a rapid escort to an upper room where the talkative barmaid drew a steaming bath and coaxed some smoldering embers on the hearth into a roaring fire. After almost a good hour’s worth of soaking in the bath and cleaning her hooves with the brush and polish provided by the inn-keep’s stable-boy, Rhianon slipped into a freshly pressed muslin tunic and some cotton breeches, a welcome change over the heavy mail she had been wearing all day. She admired herself in the mirror briefly, adjusting a few stray locks of silver hair, and then snuck back down to the common room, taking a seat at a table closest to the crackling hearth.

Hyjal's Call

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((Lirriel & Vetusunus in Hyjal! Long blog is looong, even with all I cut; some spoilers ahead. Song lyrics mixed in with sprinkles of quest text. I hope this does our 2 evenings of quest RP justice, focusing mainly on the student-teacher relationship.))

The sensation is impossible to describe. Something has shifted inside of me.

“Why is it always kill, never try to ask nicely?” I groused, frustrated with the bloodthirsty young druid at Aviana's shrine who sent us on this mission. I try to avoid death whenever possible; I'm a healer.

[Rhianon] Unraveled

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Water dripped, droplet by droplet, from the stalactites covering the rocky ceiling of the Tranquil Wash down to the glassy surface of the cavern lake just below. Some of the chilly water trickled down the back of the young shaman who was leaning against a damp rock outcropping, her eyes closed as if in deep slumber.

Rhianon, however, was not asleep - despite her best efforts. Her arms and legs were drawn up close against her slender frame and her chest heaved with shaking breaths. An onlooker might easily dismiss the girl’s fragile appearance as chills or discomfort with the wet environment, but the shaman knew that the ache in her bones, the shivers she could not shake off, originated from something much deeper and more pronounced than simple environmental distresses. Just over two days ago, she had woken up, unusually calm and peaceful, in Dolraan’s chambers at the Cathedral in Stormwind. All had seemed perfect for that brief moment of wakening; she was warm in a cosy bed, she still felt the soothing whispers of the spirit world and remembered Elder Maskah’s words.

A Whole New World

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The camp was now completely empty. The army, commissioned by the King, rescued what had remained of the people of Gilneas. And, now that their duties had been met, they too evacuated. The Forsaken had completely destroyed their home and their only hope for survival was to set out into the world and find a new one. Most of the men of the Gilnean army had fought back the Worgen, the Forsaken and the Orcs, and it had left its toll. There once had been plenty of men in pristine uniforms and brass buttons. So many, that she had trouble choosing who she would take to her bed at night.

Mother and Child

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Raitha ran upstairs to grab her gear. Her strong hands swift in throwing together pieces of leather and armor. "I will dress on the run, " she thought, as she threw the armor into a satchel. She browsed quickly through the drawers her husband and her shared, throwing them open and leaving them. "Knives, poisons, daggers, vanishing powders, I think I have them all, " she murmured. She gives one more look about the room then runs through the door, down the steps and through the apartment to the front door.

Father and Daughter (With Blackmask permission)

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