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Daevra and Rasheek (and Blossom!): A Real Hoot

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Rasheek bit into an apple and worked it around his beak noisily, making happy warbling sounds. Stooping low, he added another apple to the growing pile clutched tightly against his chest by his left paw.

At that moment, Daevra was walking through the Mage Quarter to her rented room when Blossom, her wildkin hatchling, squawked! The Draenei girl looked down. "Hrm? What is it?"

By the apple tree, Rasheek looked up, quickly turning his head from left to right at the sound before his eyes fell upon the lil' moonkin. Daevra eyed the bigger moonkin up and down, the creature returning the favor by staring down at the Draenei. Blossom chirrrrrred happily!

Modan's Test.


Twenty-two years ago...


Not so Wildkin

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The mid-day sun shone brightly in the clear blue sky above Winterspring, yet it's warming rays did little to ease the cold bite of the regions frigid clime. A slight breeze traveled across the snowy hills ruffling the fur and feathers of the wildlife and sending the inhabitants of Everlook inside to huddle around stove and fire.

Lich King Backup night, 12/4/10

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If he's still alive, one last shot before cataclysm.














Lich King Must Die, 11/30/10, 7:00 PM

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The path is clear to Lich King, let's get him down. Priority to non-kingslayers.


Dolraan, Protection Paladin

Julica, Blood Death Knight


Darlain, Holy Priest

Nannyogg, Restoration Druid

Cyrcae, Discipline Priest


Henii, Fire Mage

Christover, Fury Warrior

Kytrina, Arcane Mage

Kreszentia, Arcane or Fire Mage

Drauglos, Arms Warrior







The Shattering: A Letter to the Meddlers

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Important People of the Meddlers:

Daevra: Lost Ones

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Anchorite Avuun looked over his friend anxiously and gave Daevra a new list of components to gather. Avuun's whole mission was to discover a way to heal the Broken condition. It was a worthy one, Daevra believed, and she grieved with him over their deterioration.

The Krokul were the reason she slipped away to the Swamp of Sorrows whenever possible.

The Shattering: Laelan

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The roar was thunderous as the sky burned.

Deathwing circled above Stormwind, his terrible visage sending civilians and adventurers alike into a mad panic. Their fearful cries were drowned out by the Aspect's pounding wings as they fled from where ever his shadow touched.

The Shattering: Arlinaria

Arlinaria  sat on the edge of the fountain inside the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus.

A Shattering

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It hurt.

The Shattering: Davighn, Kiyanna, Ialia

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Shield slung over her shoulder, Davighn trudged along, gathering concerned looks from passing civilians as she seemingly argued with herself.

"Yes Kiy, I'm still out. No, I will not get you more bourbon, go get it yourself."

She paused and rubbed her face with a tired hand.

", I haven't been able to. A couple of days at least. Yes, I know what standing orders are, but honestly, if they can find something to make me fall asleep, they would have to make it into a sleeping gas for the battlefield..."

Post-Shattering: Alynore

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Alynore walked into the cluttered training room; it would probably get filled by injured refugees soon, but for now it still served its purpose. She stripped out of her armor, until she was only in sports top and shorts. She didn't bother trying to find the tape for her hands or feet.

Her eyes stung as she stalked to the heavy punching bag, swaying gently on its chain. She slammed her fist into the sawdust-filled canvas. Then the other, and again, over and over, faster and faster.

Nore had felt like this only twice in her short life.

The Shattering: Lormar

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He bounced and bashed against harder objects; he couldn't get his bearings, couldn't control his downward course.

Had Camyra been able to Blink herself to solid ground? She'd tried to take him with her...

He slammed into something solid, something jabbing in through his side, and stopped moving. Far above him, the sky seemed to be burning. Beyond the pounding of blood in his ears, he heard a roar that shook the world more than any of the elements had before.

The Shattering: Cerwis & Reggie

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 The Cathedral was packed with casualties to the point that they had begun to spill down the steps and into adjacent buildings; Healers swarmed trying to save who they could. Some were too far gone, and hard decisions regarding those people had to be made. The shrieks and groans of the injured and dying echoed throughout the space and masked the quiet hymns being sung in the corners of the large space, the air smelled faintly of copper and sweat, covering the delicately scented incense that continued to burn as it did every day; Priest and Paladin healers rushed around, splattered in blood that was not their own.

It wasn't something she ever expected to see in Stormwind. 

The Shattering: Darlain, Drogan, and Silda

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"Dunnae worry lass, It'll only be fer a few days. I'll be back before yeh know it."

"I know, I just worry, love. I'd rather be with you."

"Aye, but we both know that one of us needs t' care fer Lauralei, and she's far safer here. I'll 'ave Hlin with meh, and yeh'll 'ave meh father t' watch o'er yeh. Th' attacks are startin' t' weaken, and Moira and her Dark Iron cronies are consolidatin' their power. Someone's got t' stand up to 'em."

"Be careful love."

"I will, I promise."