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[Nirahsa] Shattering Scream

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Nirahsa couldn’t help but feel unsettled, something in the vale just felt off today. Her mind couldn’t place it, everything looked the same. The sounds were quieter, like the local wildlife had gone or was just choosing to remain silent. Nira wasn’t a druid nor much of an animal person so she had no clue if it was serious. Whatever it was it only succeeded in making a pit in her stomach.

She was however feeling somewhat better about being near the same area as all the Kor’kron Orcs. The shaman had been coming close to the excavation while taking special care to mask her own presence. Nira hadn’t seen that one Orc again yet, but she wasn’t going to take any chances of running across him again.

The ground below her seemed to shake, causing Nira to shift on her hooves to steady herself. Quirking her head she stepped forward to crest the hill, revealing the scar the Kor’kron had carved into the vale with their digging. Eyes widening as she noticed there were far more Orcs gathered than she’d ever seen before. Shivers of fear began to run through her, despite how the Orcs attention was elsewhere did little to ease the sense of dread that ran through her with the presence of this small army.

Her eyes were drawn to a large brown orc that was at the forefront, sporting horns upon his shoulders, and wielding a large axe that looked supremely well crafted.

‘That’s…That’s Garrosh,’ She thought even as she watched them bring a large chest out from underground to present to the Warchief. She saw him shout something before he swung his axe in the direction of the Vale’s Pools. Even at this distance she heard the sharp whistle of that axe as it cut through the air.

The sound made her vision flash for a moment, the landscape replaced by Draenor, she could see the Orcish Horde thundering against the Draenei, a large lean Orc at the forefront letting out a bestial battlecry as he cut into the lines like the brutal monster he was. His axe letting out a high pitched whistle as it cut through air and draenei alike.

“Grom,” Nirahsa spoke out loud before blinking, not quite sure where that name had even come from as the Vale flashed back into view. The Orcs lowering a wooden siege bridge over the pool waters to the center. The Shadow Pan had arrived and were fighting against the Orcs but they seemed to only be delaying the Kor’krons progress.

She could only watch as Garrosh crossed the bridge before being impeded by the appearance of Taran Zhu, the two exchanged words, words that caused the Warchief to charge forward with an echoing roar. Nira nibbled her lower lip trying to will Taran on, as from her position there was simply nothing she could do to help, and the sight of so many Orcs fighting the Shadowpan and others that had come from the shrine kept her frozen in place with fear.

It seemed like Taran had gained the upper hand, literally for a moment before Garrosh turned it around defeating the leader of the Shadow Pan with one final brutal move. Nira’s heart dropped expecting Taran to be executed at any moment. Even as she watched Garrosh open the chest with his axe, the sight of the purple beating mass even from this distance made her skin crawl.

That’s when Garrosh shouted loudly his words echoing back to Nira.

“I. Answer. To NO ONE!”

The chest plummeted into the center of the spring, and the entire world shook. Nira felt like something had just slapped her across the face before shoving her backwards. Then the black and white pillar of Sha like energy burst from the pools rocketing skyward pulsing with unnatural energy.

The burst of unleashed Sha energy quickly began spreading, corrupting the land as it creeped from the pools to the surrounding area. Nira’s mouth dropping in horror from the sight trying to comprehend just what the Horde had done.

Nira clasp her hands against her head as she suddenly felt the Elements scream out in unbearable agony. Her legs gave out and Nirahsa fell to her knees. She felt like her head was on fire as the screams simply grew louder rocking her to her core.

The anguished cries of the elements warped into the wails of her kin being killed, and Nira rolled on the ground screaming to herself in pain even as the ground beneath her was corrupted by the sha energy. She could see Images of red eyed orcs marching across the land slaughtering all in their wake flashing by her eyes.

“No no….it’s happening again,” She cried out not even understanding her own words, vision blurring as the landscape seemed to meld and change while Nira rolled back and forth, the blood lusted Orc’s yells echoing in her throbbing mind until Nira let out a scream of the meddler mind link.


Nira let out a shrill cry before her vision blacked out entirely, the shaman’s body going limp, her shallow breathing the only indication of life.