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No More Marigolds

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She’d come to love the marigolds that covered Pandaria’s landscape.

It had started in the rolling hills of the Valley, the scent of the flowers proving calming, while their gold petals reflected the meditations on the Light that she strove to achieve. When healing finally “clicked”, it was the marigolds on the Grassy Cline that she initially envisioned.

They covered the Vale, too, along with other yellow and orange flowers, blanketing the meadows and decorating the homes of capering civets. She liked to sit by one of the ponds near the Shrine of Seven Stars and just take in the marigolds’ scent. She gathered a few blossoms for her room each night, to keep that feeling of soft, natural Light with her. She had a favorite patch by the glowing Pools in front of the palace, where she could see water striders play and jeweled danios leap up to try and catch them.

The marigolds were gone now.

Every muscle ached, bruises irritated under her armor, and one nasty cut on her cheek stung from where the salt of her tears ran over it.

The Celestials had given them—Horde and Alliance both—their trust. Despite all the understandable misgivings, the Golden Lotus and the Shado-Pan had accepted their help in protecting the sacred Vale, its life-giving waters, its fertile fields.

We failed them.

Black sha creatures crawled over the blighted land. The danios, striders, civets, were killed or fled. Some might be corrupted. The waters were simply gone, the twisted infection of a dead god left in their place.

We failed ourselves.

She had been so happy, just a day ago. That feeling felt far away, replaced with a growing anger and the need to bring retribution on the monster who had done this, as if his list of crimes wasn’t long enough already.

She took a deep, hitching breath. It had to be justice, not vengeance. So for now, kneeling on the blighted ground where her marigolds once grew, Alynore grieved privately. For the people lost, for the trust broken, for whole damned pointlessness of it all.

Wes sent Reave to find her in the chaos of the Vale, the ghost worg whining with concern. She hefted her sword and shield and returned to the fight, ready once again.


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Love seeing Nore's

Love seeing Nore's perspective on the events, definitely a side of her she doesn't tend to show in public.))