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[Nirahsa] The Past Returns

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Nirahsa slammed against the ground rolling as her side flared with pain after the bolt of Shadow energy had slammed into her. The Orcish warlock let out a chuckle watching the tinkerer gasp, gripping her side Nira slowly pushed herself up.

“No wonder your kind screams so pathetically when they die, everything about your race is weak. Running and hiding trying to take over from the shadows, never expecting the shadows would be your end,” The Warlock stated with a tusky self-satisfied grin.

“W-we…we never did anything…we just, wanted to live in peace,” Nirahsa returned softly while her mind raced and her hooves shook abit. She refused however to writhe on the ground for this warlock’s satisfaction. Fingers trembled as Nira continued trying to think of what to do, he’d probably be expecting one of the electro stingers, perhaps if.

Her hand slunk into her satchel grabbing one of the stingers as her dexterous fingers began manipulating it in the shadows. Fortunately since she built the thing she could picture it in her sleep so adjusting it without looking wasn’t very hard. She just had to move the resonator crystal out of alignment by a tad.

“Doubtful given the destructive little gadgets you have, the magics others of your kin have, what other use is there for such things than War? Doesn’t matter since this is your end and soon the rest of your pathetic race,” The warlock raised his staff the tip glowing as fel magics were called forth.

Nira bit her lip as she heard the faint snap she’d been waiting for, the draenei rolled over bringing her hand out of her satchel and throwing the stinger at the warlock.  He jumped to the side to avoid getting hit but the device fell short clattering on the ground infront of her. He looked about ready to chuckle the the stinger whirled into action, spring loaded spike released and the crystal whined as it resonated. The device didn’t discharge into the ground, no it exploded into shrapnel released a large burst of electrical current into the surrounding area.

The warlock let out a surprised cry reeling backwards and stumbling from the blast, Nira due to her position spasmed as she caught the outskirts of the effect. She didn’t know if that blast had injured the Warlock enough, nor would she find out as Nira heard the cries of several Orcs in the distance shouting what sounded like an order, but she didn’t know as she had no understanding of Orcish.

She breathed a few times catching her breath trying to decide if she should risk getting up or just continue to pretend to be dead when Nira caught sight of a metal skinned creature stepping into her field of view. Which made her cringe a moment before her eyes focused and she noticed the hooves, tail, and a form to graceful to be a hulking orc.

Nira sprung to her hooves a bit too quickly trying to dash over to the armored clad draenei and ended up collapsing into her arm starting to sob.

“Is Shari safe?” Nira spoke sounding rather panicked. The Vindicator removed her helm and looked down at Nira supporting the other draenei’s weight easily.

“We found a young draenei amidst some of the rubble, she’s alive but injured, possibly a broken hand. The Orcs started retreating when they saw us, it was just a scouting party looking for glory,” The Vindicator stated her words soft and sad as she looked around at the ruins of what was onec a small proud village but wreaked of death now.

“You need to tell Kalen that she’s alright! He needs to know, yes!”

The vindicator nodded, “He led us here, don’t worry. But we can’t stay here, the Orcs will be back if we linger.”

Nira could only nod dumbly, the words made sense, but part of her mind couldn’t make sense of it. Leaving her home behind, the village she’d grown up in. The village of Shannar had just this morning been a bustling thriving, wonderful place. Now Shannar was in ruins with corpses lining the few streets instead of flowers. Fires waving at her instead of friends and family, why had they done this? What had they ever done to the Orcs for them to decide that they needed to be wiped out like some kind of annoying pest?

She could only shake her head, the Vindicator giving Nira support while leading her back to the other Draenei even as Nirahsa shook her head dumbly to herself crying quietly while her head continued to spin about what had happened.


Nira’s eyes opened to the dim glow of firelight, she shifted and moved. She glanced over at the Vindicator that was looking back at her. She didn’t think the woman had shifted positions since she’d fallen asleep. Nira was however grateful, who knew if the Orcs would find them here, in this little cave. She was somewhat concerned however as she hadn’t seen Shari, or Kalen yet. Maybe they had gone on ahead, yes that had to be it. Kalen wanted to make sure Shari was safe so he probably pushed on harder to get her out of the line of fire. It was the thing to do yes, Nira didn’t think she could go on if anything happened to her Little Cog.

The draenei shifted trying to get comfortable before trying to go back to sleep. There was something about that Vindicator watching her that felt, familiar but she couldn’t quite place it.

Meanwhile outside in the greater expanse of the Vale, manifestations of Sha continued to crawl around.