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[Nirahsa] Trying to Preserve Innocence

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I smiled brightly moving through Shattrath, Shannar was gone but I had to pick myself back up. For Shari if for no other reason, as both of us had lost so much in Shannar but we still had each other. Taking a few more steps towards my new dwelling for when I was in the city anyway. It was then that I heard the gleeful shout and saw the brief glimpse a blue hand waving about along with the white glimpses of her other hand set in a cast.

“Mom! Over here!”

Grinning lightly I stepped up and picked the young girl up smiling brightly taking care of her hand that was still set in a binding, thankful that the Vindicators had managed to get her out of Shannar while sparing most of her innocence. Shari wasn’t stupid, she knew something terrible had happened.  Circumstances however had managed to prevent her from realizing the true magnitude of what had happened.

“Hi Little Cog!” I stated cheerily before giving Shari a kiss on the cheek.

“I heard you were leaving, can’t you just stay? Dad already has to be away nearly all the time because of his Vindicator stuff.” Shari asked with pleading eyes.

I could only give her a brief hug before setting the girl back down on her hooves.

“I wish I could, but…well…the Orcs are being a tad well….unruly, and I need to help check on some of the veils for other villages so they can remain out of sight, yes yes. Don’t worry Kalen told me you’d be safe here.”

“But…can’t I come with you? I could help! I’ve been studying your books, I even made a cog for you!” The young draenei stated before pulling out a small wooden cog, handing it to Nira. She looked it over with a smile eyeing the inscription Shari had chiseled into it.

“I know you could, but, this time you should stay here. There will always be other times, I promise!” I said still with a smile before giving her hair a ruffle.

Shari looked up with a bit of a pouting look but nodded, “Alright….just don’t stay away to long alright?”

“I promise I’ll be back as soon as I can Little Cog!” I knelt down with a smile.



Nira bolted up from bed, “Shari? Shari? It’s Auntie Nirahsa…..Shari?” After a few moments realization dawned on her and she slumped forward with a few tears. They’d moved her to this area of Telredor that some priests kept referring to as Exodar, along with other draenei.

The tinker slowly stood wiping away a few tears before moving over to a dresser that had a few of her things. She picked up a wood carving that felt odd in her hands as if the grain didn’t belong. The carving had a burned image of Daci on it with words burned beneath it stating, My Friend Daci. However Nira only saw an image of Shari smiling at her. She started to weep again head shaking.

“They…they said you’d be safe…they told me you’d be safe….they promised me…..”

The carving clattered against the top of the counter as Nira dropped it and fell to her knees, wrapping her arms about her legs while she sobbed head shaking.

“Safe…you were supposed to be safe…why…why did the Vindicator’s lie to me…”

“They did not lie Nira my friend,” Spoke a warm voice near Nira, though she did not seem to acknowledge them at the moment instead keeping her eyes cast down at the floor and sobbing.