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[Nirahsa] Mending Broken Fragments

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((Hopefully this bit makes sense, really wanted to include the elemental familiars so I'm hoping they don't feel too forced.))

“What’s your name girl,” The dark skinned man asked gruffly even as his fingers ran through his beard eyeing the tall stranger in front of him. Most of Nirahsa’s skin lay hidden behind armor including her face which was obscured by a helm and cloth mask covering the lower portion of her face. Only her soft glowing eyes could be seen, eyes that looked vengeful and hurt at the same time.

“Name unimportant, yes yes,” She replied back in broken common while glancing around warily, the winds of hellfire peninsula picked up a moment tossing more red sand in the air. It was just her, the human and his small like-minded escort. The small fat one was supposedly called a dwarf, but just looked like a human that’d been sat on by an elekk to her.

“I like to know a bit about who I’m dealin with,” The man spoke again looking her over, sizing her up, “And you haven’t offered much beyond claiming to be able to get me supplies, why?”

“Not important, only important orcs die, yes,” Nirahsa spoke back simply, “Know planet better, can get things you can’t.”

One human in armor scoffed, “This isn’t a planet it’s a hell hole.”

“Is home, quiet!” Nirahsa snapped back sounding more agitated, but still glancing off a moment letting out a depressed sigh.

The darkskinned man held up a hand, “Enough, so what’s going to be the cost of your help if I decided to take it?”

Nira looked back at the human silently for a moment, “Cost, Dead Orcs. Orcs die with supplies given, get more supplies, yes, yes.”

He gave a nod running a hand through his beard again, “So if no name, then tell me why you want orcs killed so badly.”

Nirahsa was silent looking ready to respond, but her eyes caught sight of something, something that had no place on Draenor. It was a small little earthy figure that floated around behind the humans and dwarves going unnoticed. It looked at Nira before giving a wave, even as the Draenei’s vision flashed.


She was suddenly on her knees, smoke and fires all around her another ruined draenei city. Except this time it wasn’t just any city, it was Shattrath. There were no sounds of Orcish battle cries or the screams of draenei. That was all past no that wasn’t it at all.

In front of her lay a young draenei, her form battered and broken. Nirahsa felt the tears well up as she began to cry taking the limp form in her arms.

“Shari…Shari, wake up, please wake up,” She sobbed softly knowing her words were in vain. Nira hadn’t been here when the Orc’s attack came, having gone ahead to Telredor to assist with some of the preparations.

“No….no….this wasn’t supposed to happen….they said you’d be safe…why’d they leave you…one less wouldn’t have mattered… no no no,” She continued to cry giving Shari’s dormant form a hug, pressing her cheek against the young draenei’s.

A gauntleted hand gripped Nirahsa’s shoulder, “Nira, you can’t be here! They could return, we have to return to Telredor now!” The voice was stern but contained an edge of softness.

“What…does it matter,” She returned bitterly not wanting to leave Shari even now.

“Nira we don’t have time for this, I’m sorry,” The voice returned before the female vindicator grabbed Nira more forcefully in order to pull her away from Shari’s form. Nirahsa resisted rather strongly for a moment before she blinked suddenly finding her hand clasping that small little figure’s hand again. Except this time it appeared more like, living intricate water looking back at her with sorrow filled eyes. When she blinked again the figure was gone and Nirahsa had been hefted up off her hooves by the Vindicator, being carried off rather swiftly having never even commented on the strange little creature that’d appeared. Its presence was very disconcerting and felt extremely out of place.

Her vision flashed again but instead of returning to the Hellfire peninsula it came to the edge of the Terrokar forest.

“Nirahsa, you can’t do this we have to remain hidden, lest the Orcs discover us and hunt all of us down,” The female vindicator stated while facing down an armor clad Nira wielding a rather large wrench as a makeshift mace.

“The orcs are building something out there on the peninsula! We can’t just let them do as they will!” Nirahsa remarked bitterly.


“Nira, you must trust in Velen and the Light. We will get through this, you must have faith,” The vindicator replied softly staying in a ready stance, “But you cannot attack the orcs, then the sacrifice made by the others will have been in vain.”

Nira shook her head sobbing, “No, it was in vain, little Shari and everyone else was left to die just so we could run and hide while those monsters go unpunished! Where was Velen when they were all being slaughtered? Why didn’t he stand in Shattrath? Why…why did she die when he lived? ….when I lived…”

The vindicator took a step forward looking to try and offer comfort, but Nira simply raised her wrench shaking her head, “No…No I’m not going back, I’m going to do something I can’t let them win…I can’t let anyone stop me!”

“What do you propose Nirahsa? That I just let you go and doom the rest of us?”

“Just…stay away from me…I’ll…..I’ll kill you before I go back!” Nira cried out trembling a bit in place.

“Nira listen to yourself, you’d kill another draenei, just so you can go on to kill orcs and reveal that our race still surives?” She asked, while assuming a defensive stance.

“I…will…I’ll do it, yes” Nira spoke before taking several steps forward and readying herself to strike at the vindicator. After the second step however she collapsed onto her knees, dropping the wrench and just starting to sob. The vindicator watched her carefully before approaching.

“I’ll…I’lll go back,” Nira stated mutedly as the Vindicator carefully pulled her to her hooves and bound Nira’s wrists as a precaution. Nirahsa’s eyes glanced upwards before blinking as that little figure appeared again looking up at her. This time red and fiery, perhaps they were all different creatures, and again it went unnoticed by the vindicator.

Her vision went dark.

And her eyes opened Nira let out a gasp shaking her head glancing up to see Vasily standing over her smiling down.

“Friend Nirahsa?” He asked, instead of immediately answering Nira blinked this place feeling familiar to her before the name came to her, Exodar.


“Good you remember, I think you are going to be alright now with some rest,” He spoke warmly his voice having a soothing tone to it.

“I…kept seeing…strange figures….like, small elementals….but I…don’t recall ever seeing anything like it.”

“No hm? Well I did have some extra help,” Vasily spoke before gesturing to the side, Nira glanced over to see three little elemental figures standing their, their stature less than that of a gnome. One of earth, fire, and water all standing there looking at her, water giving a small little wave. “I think that your elements decided to lend a helping hand. They helped by making clear anchors in your mind amidst the chaos so I could pull you back together so to speak.”

“Back together?” Nira asked sounding confused before she suddenly remembered, not everything but a lot more. Images of draenor flashed through her mind, past experiences, enough to cause the shaman to start crying and pull her knees to her chest.

“Are you alright Nirahsa?”

“No…I…I remember…Draenor,” She stated simply still feeling the rush of past memories that she’d been living out the last week. Vasily instead of speaking simply sat beside Nira and gave her a comforting hug.