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The Experimenter

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Alynore pulled off her gloves and rubbed her eyes. The day had been long, and tomorrow wasn’t going to be any shorter. She washed off soot and grease, her brain turning over to try and figure out what, exactly, she was doing wrong when it came to adjusting that old data core to accept simple vocal commands.

She yanked on her sleeping clothes and looked at the two novels waiting on the table. She wasn’t in a mood to read about make-believe hijinks tonight, even though Venner and Gilly kept asking what she thought of their novels.

Instead, she opened a drawer and carefully took out the battered, faded journal Venner had uncovered in Outland. Nore sat on the bed and found the last entry she’d read. She turned to the next page, her mother’s handwriting faded but still legible.

El's Journal 1El's Journal 2El's Journal 3

Nore closed the journal and held it against her chest as she leaned back on the over-soft pandaren bedding. Some days it was frustrating, all the odd little stories about her that Ma had written down, of incidents Nore herself couldn’t remember most times. Days like today, though…

Alynore looked at the bracer sitting on the side table, a combination of engineering and enchanting, to create a teleport system on a scale that allowed her to swap armor and clothing at the press of a button. She’d made a similar bracer for Wesley, and was contemplating another for Venner. If she could make that work, she could manage a semi-intelligent mechanical mount for a blind girl (that used to be a robot that Nore herself had repaired and woke to sentience).

She just had to take her time and the proper steps to figure out the issue.

“Bit more impressive than a clock, huh?” she whispered, carefully putting the tattered book away for another night.


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((Getting more glimpses into

((Getting more glimpses into Alynore's past is always a treat since she never goes into it much. And young Alynore is just so freaking adorable.))

How would it end
If the truth was re-writable
Break with past
Whatever dreams you long for
I've seen what the future has in mind for me

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((Sometimes I worry that Nore

((Sometimes I worry that Nore talks about where she's from a little too much, but it's all rather surface-y, I suppose; she doesn't really detail a lot of it in general conversation.))