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Patron Familias (Part Two)

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((Continuing from Part 1))

The ghost cackles and screams. Nore's shield slams into one of the apparitions while her sword cuts through the ship's ectoplasmic hull. She grins and swings again, Light arcing off her weapons and reflecting on her armor.

Then her commstone beeps.

Venner: "Is this thing working right?"
Alynore: "Hiya Llane."
Venner: "Oh, good. You can hear me! Got a minute or two to meet somewhere?"
Alynore: "In a minute, there's an uppity pirate ghost..."
Venner: "Sure. On the Isle?"
Alynore: "I am for now, yeah."
Venner: "More convenient to meet out there, then? I'm in Dawn's Blossom right now."
Alynore: "I can meet you in Dawn's Blossom. It's just a short kite ride."
Venner: "Okay. I'll be in the Drunken Hozen. Second floor."

The Drunken Hozen, Dawn’s Blossom:
Alynore hits her bracer as she heads upstairs, changing into civilian clothes. “Heya.”

Venner smiles. “Hey! Thanks for coming to see me.”

“Of course. Everything OK?"

Venner fidgets, a little uncomfortable. "So, ' you remember that conversation we had about, oh, a month and a half ago? By the pond outside the Shrine."

“Um. Kinda? I was depressed that day, I remember...”

“It was about how you'd never known who your father was.”

“Oh, right,” Nore recalls. “Yeah, that sometimes comes up. Like a recurring cough.”

“Well, it got me thinking.”

Alynore eyes Venner. “Thinking what?”

“Well, I did a little digging,” Venner says. “Okay, a lot of digging...”

“That why you got Ma's stuff outta Outland?”

“That's what took me to Outland, yes. I talked to Kamron Marcus, Hellfire Harrigan, Rhaen Goldendawn...fel, even Lord Mallorey. Here's what I found.” Venner passes her his notebook. “I'm afraid I wasn't able to find a definitive answer, but I have a very strong hunch that I wasn't able to put into writing. ‘Don't write what you can't prove,’ after all.”

Alynore arches an eyebrow, puzzled, taking the notebook and paging through. “So what's the cliffnotes?”

“My theory?”

Alynore nods, looking over the interviews, notes, maps, and pictures that Venner has gathered.

“Your father was Zachariah Mallorey. He served alongside your mother, and died right around the time you were born. I saw a portrait of him have his nose.”

Alynore frowns a little as the pieces start to click together. Then she looks up at Venner and stares.

“Lord Mallorey didn't have a definite answer for me, but...I think he suspects too.” Venner notices the stare.


“Slow down, 'Nore. One step at a time.”

“I--just--you---MEDDLER!” Alynore flips the table. Venner ducks, more than a little nervous. He wasn't expecting it to go quite like this. Alynore is standing there, shaking, gloved hands clenched into fists, face red--is she about to cry?


Alynore socks Venner, right to the jaw. Venner goes down hard. "I deserved that," he admits, reaching up to feel the side of his face. Alynore drops next to him. “I just...thought you deserved to know. After all this time. Because I can barely remember my dad, and my mom doesn't remember me. So...”

Alynore tackle-hugs Venner. “Sorry, I just...Dammit, Llane!”

Venner returns the hug. “It's okay. I guess sisters have to punch their brothers every once in a while.”

“I don't know to be angry, mortified, or...or what.”

Venner smiles. "Well, you could start with 'happy'," he suggests.

“ don't know. Not for sure…”

“I don't. But if it takes me another day, another week, another month, another year...I will find out.”

Why?” Alynore demands.

“Because you deserve to know? Because this bothers you and I wish it didn't, so I'll do whatever I can to help?”

Alynore smiles a little, rubbing her face (no tears, but it was close there a minute). She gives Venner one of those shovey-head-ruffles. “You sentimental idiot.” Alynore says that fondly, sisterly.

“I guess Gilly's rubbed off on me?”

“I dunno what to do now...I mean. It doesn't change anything, but it feels like it ought to.”

“Read the notebook. If you have any questions, I'm here for you.”

Alynore retrieves the notebook. “You said you talked with Lord Mallorey, too?”

“I did. He's your...well, I think he's your grandfather. But I'm not sure.”

“And what did he say?” Alynore asks.

“He said he didn't have an answer, and that his personal opinion was just that - personal.”

Alynore scowls. “There's a reason he came to the Dragoons.”

“He said that. I had assumed it was because of Harrigan, maybe?” Venner says.

Alynore stands back up, brows knit together. “I think I need to have another talk with our patron. I might be overdue.”


“Uh. Sorry about the's already forming a helluva bruise. Want me to heal that some?”

“I know he has his son's journals...maybe he'll let you take a look at them?” Venner rubs his face. “Please.”

Alynore applies Light healing to Venner's jaw. Still tender, but less 'ow, the bone is cracked.'


“Don't mention it,” Alynore says dryly.

“Anyway, enjoy your reading?” Venner says.

“Yeah. Hey, however this turns out...Thanks for trying.” Alynore turns to go.

“You're welcome. I may have been drunk the other night, but I wasn't kidding when I said I love you. You know what I mean.”

Alynore pauses at the head of the stairs and smiles at Venner. “Yeah...I getcha. And...same to you.”

Alynore: Kaewynn!
Kaewynn: Yes, Commander? What is it?
Alynore: Where's Lord Mallorey? I want to talk with him.
Kaewynn: He's here, at the residence.
Alynore: Inform his lordship I'm coming to see him. It's not a request.
Kaewynn: Is something wrong?
Alynore: I'm sure he'll know what it's about, concerning his earlier visitor.
Kaewynn: Yes, ma'am.


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(( On that last conversation

(( On that last conversation Jor and Lai agreed to put their commstones away for good measure <.<U...))

"When there is a will there is a way"

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