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The Family Named Zeitan

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(Inspired by this song.)

There was a story even the Lorewalkers would cringe at telling. A small cub, wide-eyed and naive, ignorant in the meaning of the tragic story, would run up, pull on the tabard, and ask to hear the tale of the family called, Zeitan.

The Lorewalkers would react differently to this. Some would laugh with slight unease, ruffle the child's hair, and go on to tell some other story. Others would smile sadly, and shake their heads, making the excuse they didn't know all the details, or that the story itself isn't one fit for polite conversation. On occasssion, though, a Lorewalker with a very liberal mindset would come along, and when asked to tell the story, he or she would pause, think for a moment, and after casting a questioning glance at the crowd, would sit down, and begin to tell the tale.

There was one Lorewalker in question, though, who told the story a different way-In song. It wasn't a common way to expound a story through a ballad, but it wasn't unheard of. This Lorewalker would adjust his rtbard and sit down, taking a small drum from his back. "So, the story of the Zeitan family?" He would ask, and the child would nod their head, excited and eager to find out just what his or her parents should be telling them, instead of, as their parents had promised, when they were older. The Lorewalker would nod, and take out a small mallet, beating the drum at a steady pace as the crowd gathered. He'd cast his eyes about the crowd; The oldest looked nervous, or morose, while adults watched their cub's reactions closely. "It should be known," He would call over the steady beat, "That this tale is almost as old as Pandaria, but is often forgotten or just silenced, for good reason."

With that motion of fairness to those who knew the story (Though, it served as an excellent hook all the same), he would beat the drum, and stomp his foot, before entering the song.

"When the Mogu had enslaved us and taken claim upon our land,
We over threw them with the might of the Shado-Pan!
But there was one in their number, with name and spirit grand-
A slim and charming Pandaren they all called Lu Zeitan!"

He was young and excited when he first entered the fray,
His pose and strikes were perfect, fow and friend were in dismay!
But he came across a Mogu lord, who held the cub at bay!
And such a battle has never been seen again to this day!"

They moved in an angry dance of blades, no one could get ahead,
Until Lu took the Mogu's legs, and as he lay and bled,
He took up the lord's sword, and raise o'er his head-
And with a cry he brought it down, and left the Mogu dead!"

By now, the cubs would be bouncing with excitement, clapping their hands to the beat, and even some unwitting adults would too. The Lorewalker would lean close to the children, a sad grin on his lips.

"Some say that taste of glory made a change in Lu inside,
He would dive into every fray he could find, near and wide!
But the by the laws of the Shado-Pan, he refused to abide-
For blinded was Zeitan by his bloodlust and his pride!"

So Lu went off from Kun-Lai, with his blade upon his back!
Wherever he'd find battle, he'd smile and attack-
It mattered not who they were, but they always would fall back!
For none could stand before Red Hare and Lu, who left bodies in their tracks!"

"He went out and took a keep from the local lord,
And only then did Lu Zeitan set aside his sword,
But those who are of his blood shoudl never be ignored!
For that Zeitan made more Zeitans, their madness tripled in score!"

The cubs would be quiet now, looking scared and unsettled, and their parents would look concerned. Perhaps it would have been best if he had refriained from telling the story, but all stories had to be told; Especially the ones with important lessons to teach, though they were always the hardest to tell. He drew himself back, face set, and continued to beat the drum,

"House Zeitan is empty now, the family disgraced,
When the lady spawned a bastard, and from their home were chased!
Four Zietans, no more no less, gone without a trace,
But many say, still one remains, with a red blade and slim waist!"

always got a reaction from the crowd. Adults and children would look to each other or their elders, and the elders would only frown, annoyed that this young Lorewalker would dare proclaim that a Zeitan lived, as if it were a good thing. But, the Lorewalker would grin mischeivously, and return his gaze to the enthralled cubs, and, as always, draw his story to an optimistic conclusion:

"So sleep with one eye open, if you have evil planned!
Fury will be hunting you with blood red blade in hand!
So say your prayers and beg for peace for you and all your band,
For none ever escape the wrath of the Pandaren named Zeitan!"