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Chapel Visit

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Song yawned and turned a few circles in the chapel garden, settling down for a nap. The fox flipped her fluffy tail over her face while Aerie entered the small building.

It was much like any other small town chapel scattered throughout the Shires; one large room, and a door in back hinting at the chaplain’s office and quarters. Tall windows lined the walls, letting in as much natural light as possible. Rows of pews in two columns lead up to the low stage, where the priest could lecture and answer questions from the congregation.

Aerie went to the candles in the back first, lighting seven, murmuring a name and prayer for each. Mother, Father, Bryce, Devlin, Uncle Hal, Commer, Lormar.

A silver coin was dropped into the tithe box for each name as well. Her lost friends likewise had her prayers, but there were so many names and faces, that her seven had to represent them all in the Light’s graces.

She made her way to the pews, settling in one near the front. A white and gold cloth with the sunburst symbol of the Cathedral draped over the speaker’s podium. A vase of fresh daisies sat on the front table, water droplet sliding down the smooth surface to the pad beneath, protecting the wood. She must have just missed the parishioner who left them.

Aerie drew her medallion of faith from underneath her shirt and leaned back in the pew, letting out a deep breath while her fingers ran over the worn details. The amulet had been Lormar’s. One of the things that had drawn them together had been their similar views on faith.

Commer had never understood the conversations on philosophy his brother and wife shared. His view on religion was limited to occasional attendance at his local chapel. The Light was there; that was enough for him.

Aerie wondered, sometimes, what Commer would think about their daughter as a priest, not just speaking of and debating about the Light, but wielding it to heal and defend others. He’d probably simply be happy she was alive, and had given them a grandson.

Maybe that grandson would grow up to be a paladin, like his namesake. Perhaps he would be a simple farmer, staying home tending his fields and animals and building his own family.

Aerie prayed for any future for him at all, the medallion feeling warm under her fingers, sunbeams pouring into the sanctuary through the many tall windows. She felt the comfort of the Light in her world, and felt hope.