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[Yi-Ze]Little Sister

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"...Today's the day, Hana. Everyone's getting all their things together to go see the rest of the world."

Yi-Ze set her pack down on the ground, readjusting the ill-fitting armor she wore as she sat beside it.

"...and that means I'm not going to see you again. I've decided...that I'm not going to come back."

Strong breezes rustled through the grove, and she turned her head to listen for a moment, taking the time to regain her composure. When she spoke again, it was with a barely repressed sob.

"...I'm going to miss you even more than I do now, little sister. But..but it's for the best. It's gotten so difficult to keep going, when it seems like nobody wants you around anymore. And I know! I know, it isn't as bad as I'm making it out to be...but the long run? It probebly will be better for you, for me, for our family...our work, too! People will have faith in the Stormbounds again if there is one less bad omen hanging around."

Turning, she dug through her bag, pulling out a worn stuffed animal. She grinned.

"Miso the yak has seen better days, hasn't he? I know he was your favorite, even though he was -my- toy, you little troublemaker. I let Mama give him to you when you got sick. He was on your bed when..."

The little shaman trailed off, stroking the soft toy as she lost herself in the memory.

"...when you lost your fight. I did promise you that if I ever went away, I would let you have him, remember? you are, Hana. Just like I said."

Gently, she placed the little stuffed yak alongside the flowers already there.

"I hope you don't mind too much if he's missing a horn...I needed something to remind me. Of him...and you."

The breezes shifted, and she sighed, turning her head to catch a glimpse of the balloon hovering at the edge of her vision.

"I have to go, Hana. Please, watch out for Mama and Papa, alright? We'll meet again, one day, at the end of the long road. I promise."

She leaned down, giving the small headstone a kiss, before grabbing her bag and setting off.

'Farewell, little sister...'


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(( I loved this, but it made

(( I loved this, but it made me shed all the tears. T_T))